Oil price, Wentworth, PetroTal, UJO/Egdon, Petrofac, Hunting, Jadestone, Orcadian. And finally…

Oil is Omicron trading, yesterday the Fed didnt change rates nor did the ECB today but the UK added a quarter of a point. A fabulous update from Wentworth with all parts buzzing, PetroTal also lit up the market with its 20/- b/d becoming reality and UJO gave an exciting review of Wressle. Petrofac and Hunting held up the star of the oilfield services sector with upbeat statements and Jadestone and Orcadian were as positive as usual.

Oil price, Predator, Chariot. And finally…

Oil has started to wilt in the face of Omnicron as the IEA forecast a sloppy 1Q 2022 for demand. Whilst this is fair it may be that Opec+ still have the ammunition to fight that if necessary, after all it wouldnt be the first time that the IEA get things wrong...Today sees a detailed statement from Predator where Morocco is exciting and Ireland is reappearing as a market as expected by the patient management. Chariot have got underway also in Morocco with the drilling programme at Anchois which looks very exciting.

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Oil price, IOG, Savannah, Genel, Atome, SDX.

Oil is unchanged this morning, Omicron is hitting hard but today Pfizer say that their Covid drug reduces risk of hospitalisation and death by 89% and that further major shut downs just cannot be justified even if it may be more transmissible. IOG are nearly there at Phase 1 but have a very small delay in commissioning at Bacton and Savannah have announced near completion of deals with Petronas and Exxon Mobil in Chad and Cameroon. I interviewed Atome CEO Olivier Mussat and SDX have a modest delay in Morocco.

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Oil price, Genel, Hurricane, President, Echo, IGas. And finally…

Oil bounces as people think Omicron isnt as bad as first thought, its like flu apparently...Just Waiting for the Royal Dutch moniker to be removed from Shell, Genel are in a legal fight with the KRG about Bina Bawi and Miran and Hurricane are buying back the bonds. Echo have updated the market quietly, IGas have joined an industry group whilst President announce the Atome details.

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Oil price, DEC, Zephyr, Rockhopper. And finally…

Oil continues to pick up and flare ups in the Middle East would have helped that. Diversified Energy has completed the Tapstone deal and also its banks have supported the company in the 6 monthly determination. Zephyr has had great test results at the Paradox Basin and may have significant oil and gas. Finally Rockhopper and Navitas have taken over Sea Lion and the project looks very exciting at $75 Brent.

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Oil price, Chariot, Zenith. And finally…

The Saudis pulled the wool over the eyes of The White House and oil is up 2 1/2 bucks today after the Opec+ meeting didn't finish. Chariot has raised $9.5m plus what's in the Open Offer and it was oversubscribed with new, existing and management all in. Shell make a tactical exit from Cambo and I interview Andrea Cattaneo CEO of Zenith Energy

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