Flash blog: Chariot, JOG, UJO, Europa, Gulfsands, Beacon.

Travelling today so short coverage of Chariot who are updating about imminent activity at Loukos, onshore Morocco. Also Union Jack who have made a big step into a JV in the USA and Europa who are delighted that the FEL 4/19 block has been extended, potentially huge for their Irish portfolio. I cover Gulfsands who again are publicising the position in Syria and and project Hope and Jersey Oil & Gas who are updating on what is a. very exciting time at the GBA. Finally Beacon where it is hard going in Germany.

Oil price, Wentworth, PetroTal, Beacon, Jadestone. And finally…

Oil was down again last week on economic news but is about 75 cents up today. Wentworth are in a dilemma as TPDC are still trying to interrupt the M&P bid whilst PetroTal is coming out of the seasonally tricky dry season. With Beacon having a great uplift in reserves and Jadestone update as well.

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Oil price, Savannah, Zephyr, Scirocco, Beacon, SDX, Tower, IOG, Prax. And finally…

Oil is quiet today after a good week as the quarter ends. Today I look at Savannah with results as do Zephyr, Scirocco, SDX, Beacon and Tower. IOG have taken the plc into administration and I look at Prax after the first payment to DCU holders.

Oil price, Zephyr, UJO/ Beacon, Longboat.

Oil pauses after a 50% run up, at the WPC in Calgary Abdul Aziz lays out the 3 P plan. Zephyr note market rumours that the Dominion gas pipeline is nearly operational and be ready for their gas in due course. Union Jack announces a 3.1% stake in Beacon and hopes to work with them in Germany whilst Longboat find uncommercial gas at Velocette but there may be more to this story.

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