Oil price, Zephyr, DEC, Beacon. And finally…

Oil gained on the short week but looks set fair, all three agencies will produce their monthly numbers this week. Today Zephyr announce an incident at the State 36-2 FNW-CC well as after a safety valve failed resulting in what seems like a fairly modest hydrocarbon escape which I think is already sorted. DEC announce their sustainability report which is market leading stuff and Beacon Energy arrives on Aim.

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Flash blog:DEC, UOG, ECO, Longboat.

DEC report another excellent set of numbers and yielding 15% I expect good income and capital growth from here. United Oil & Gas is bringing onstream the better than expected ASH-8 and Eco Atlantic is starting to go forward in the Orange Basin. Longboat have results and Beacon Energy are appearing with a raise and acquisition.

Oil price, San Leon, Angus, CEG, COPL, Beacon. And finally…

Oil rallies at the start of the year and San Leon have extended the term while they complete the OML18 transaction. CEG formally announce the Uruguay stuff that i wrote up last week and Angus have good production numbers. Finally all is unveiled at the New Beacon and COPL have more money from a lead investor.

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