Oil price, Sound, Union Jack/Reabold, Pharos, Scirocco, Savannah, Sterling, Cairn.

Oil is down a touch this morning, about the same as it was up yesterday...The Suez Canal is open and the market is starting to look towards Opec+. Sound has gone a long way in the bond restructuring and UJO and Reabold are moving ahead fast at West Newton. Pharos has new fiscal terms in Egypt and may also be in a good position on its farm-out. Elsewhere, new directors at Sterling Energy are v good, Savannah has a new website, Scirocco has been written up in a good note from WHI and Cairn have heard that the Indian Government are trying to have the Dutch court of arbitration set aside.

Oil price, Union Jack/Reabold, Helium One, GKP. And finally…

Oil has its head above water today but only just as apart from the UK and now the US the world is vaccinating very slowly. Union Jack and Reabold step up the pace by launching the West Newton online consultation event and Helium One move closer to drilling by appointing a contractor for the Rukwa project. Finally GKP are moving ahead by resuming its 55/- b/d expansion programme.

Oil price, Union Jack/Egdon, PetroTal. And finally….

Oil celebrated a huge month by starting off March where it left off after a strong February. Union Jack and Egdon announce the submission of a Planning Application at Biscathorpe where I am confident it will beat earlier expectations. PetroTal has a new presentation which catches up on 2021 spend and 2020 reserves update.

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Oil price, Chariot, Angus, President, Echo. And finally…

After all the Hullabaloo oil was even last week, today however it has tipped upwards again. I look at Chariot who have signed a collaboration Agreement with Subsea Integration Alliance for Anchois. Angus Energy are positive after news that their loan has seen substantial subscription. President update on 2020 and give guidance for 2021 whilst Echo publish their bond restructuring details.

Oil price, Union Jack, Wentworth, Sterling Energy. And finally…

Oil is weaker today after the storm in Texas shows signs of moderating, the US are taking the expected anti Saudi Arabian stance as well as resuming talks with Iran. The EIA inventory stats showed a big crude draw and an expected build in gasoline and draw in distillate stocks. Union Jack has announced a 200:1 share consolidation and confident statement whilst Wentworth join the United Nations Global Compact. Finally Sterling Energy have announced big changes, Waterford and Mistyvale have sold their stakes which have been placed with institutions and HNW's. This paves the way for ex Tullow team of Paul Mc Dade and Ian Cloke to come in and utilise their expertise in West Africa.

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Oil price, San Leon, Union Jack/Egdon/Europa, Jadestone, UOG. And finally…

The oil market is quite placid at the moment, New York is hunkering down for the big storm on the way. San Leon is back on track with the Nigerian funding and the Wressle partners have announced free lowing oil. Jadestone updates on 2020 as does UOG with guidance as well.

Oil price, Genel, UJO/Reabold, VOG. And finally…

Yesterday oil got caught up in the market sell off and the great retail fight against the horrible hedgies. Underlying stock inventories were good and crude is up again today. Genel has received payments from the KRG for December production at Tawke and...Sarta! Union Jack announce a new technical presentation on West Newton which is very positive and Reabold announce a fund raise of £7.5m. Things are picking up slowly at VOG which I guess is how the new management would like to see it.

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Oil price, Union Jack/Reabold, Pharos, Falcon. And finally…

Oil is drifting this morning after further virus fears re-emerged in China. HitecVision is to bid for Exxon's Central and northern North Sea interests and Union Jack and Reabold update positively on West Newton. Pharos has raised $11.7m to get going on drilling operations in Egypt and Falcon has continued success at Kyalla.

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