Oil price, PetroTal, Pharos, Longboat, PetroMatad, Trinity. And finally…

Oil is up around a dollar this morning despite some indifferent economic news from China. More importantly the natural gas price continues to run, in the UK it was nearly 200p this morning. A great result for PetroTal at BN-8H gives them a better than expected 7.6m b/d making 15.4m b/d, also Pharos farm-out in Egypt, another very smart deal. Longboat update, things are starting to happen with the drill bit and Petro Matad have interims and are preparing for Heron production next year. Finally Trinity have first result post the tragic loss of Bruce Dingwall.

Oil price, PetroTal, IOG, Helium One, Hunting, Echo. And finally…

Oil has rallied again and should end up on the week after the malarkey of recent falls. Today is the virtual Jackson Hole symposium where the taper will be discussed. Tropical storm IDA might become a Cat 3 hurricane as it skirts Mexico and China is boosting the economy. Good solid results from PetroTal, a very good long term outlook, IOG are getting closer to first gas just when prices are at their highs and Helium One drills a duster and cancels well three in this programme. Finally a solid recovery from Hunting as one would expect and a good update from Echo who are increasing liquids production.

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Oil price, Kistos, PetroTal, Predator. And finally…

Oil crashed yesterday as world markets headed south on worries about Covid stats and economic growth and some thought that Opec+ would collapse after increasing baseline numbers. Kistos are on the way with their exciting drilling programme and hope to convert 2C into 2P. PetroTal have announced a very good operating update and looks better going forward and Predator had a raise yesterday to build on the recent successful well in Morocco.

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Oil price, Savannah, Sound, Chariot, PetroTal, Longboat, IGas,

Oil was a dollar off the top as I write with the Opec+ meeting ongoing. Figures from Savannah Energy late on Friday, Chariot close the AEMP deal and PetroTal update positively. Longboat Energy have a deal and a raise into the bargain, IGas get planning for the Stoke geothermal project, Pharos update and Sound remain confident that the tax is not due.

Oil price, PetroTal, President, Petrofac. And finally…

Oil continues to rise quietly as the agencies remain confident about world demand albeit skewed strongly to the second half. Another positive operational update from PetroTal which is yet to be in the share price, President also have a positive update from Argentina. Finally Petrofac have announced a contract win with BP as well as a changeover in CFO, I wish Al Cochran well in the future.

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Oil price, PetroTal, Jadestone, Providence, Getech, Far, Remus, Empyrean. And finally…

Oil fell yesterday virus numbers were up again in India and now Japan has sounded the warning as well. Inventory stocks were mixed neither helping or hindering. Today its results from PetroTal who to be honest would prefer we looked at this year not last and so would Jadestone who pushed back capex which should repay this year. Its ben a mare for Providence Resources where yet again Barryroe has hit the buffers, another spell in A&E for them. Getech update positively and Empyrean get a tax rebate from the US. I also have another look at Far/Remus carried over from yesterday which has been a real FARce as Remus appears to be a man of straw.

Oil price, PetroTal, JOG, IGas, Pharos. And finally…

Oil is quiet, the IMF brought out upbeat GDP figures which seem to support the Opec+ view on the 2nd half economic growth and the API showed crude inventories drawing by 2.6m barrels. PetroTal have had an upbeat statement and JOG has completed the last of the GBA asset deals. IGas have performed well in the conventional assets and Pharos have got a lot of good news to look forward to.

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Oil price, PetroTal, GKP, President, Tower, Touchstone, Advance, Zephyr. And finally…

Oil is flat, the market thinks it knows the result of tomorrow's Opec+ meeting and is levelling its books on the last day of the month and the quarter. Lots of news today, PetroTal update on sales and risk, Touchstone have a disappointing well and there are good figures from GKP. President remain upbeat as are Tower and Advance makes its debut in London. Finally I interview the Zephyr CEO.

Oil price, Union Jack/Egdon, PetroTal. And finally….

Oil celebrated a huge month by starting off March where it left off after a strong February. Union Jack and Egdon announce the submission of a Planning Application at Biscathorpe where I am confident it will beat earlier expectations. PetroTal has a new presentation which catches up on 2021 spend and 2020 reserves update.

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Oil price, PetroTal, Savannah, Echo, Lamprell. And finally…

After a booming start to the week oil was quiet yesterday, it started well but after I published Wall Street panicked about Fed Chairman Powell and all started to fall. After the close the API stats were a mixed bag and not as good as forecast but with concerns that some oil production shut-in in Texas might never return rallied the market today. PetroTal has announced a useful set of reserves numbers with a decent upward revision. I look at Savannah where i saw an article about the Calabar power station helpful for SAVE long term. Echo has upgraded facilities in Argentina and Lamprell has won a contract from Saudi Aramco as part of the LTAP.

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