Oil price, PetroTal, Eco Atlantic, Predator. And finally…

Oil is quiet ahead of the Opec meeting which has just started. Today PetroTal announce the commencement of the well 16H and the third ESG report whilst Eco Atlantic have 3Q results. Meanwhile Predator looks forward to the rigless testing programme at Guercif and has signed an MoU with Afriquia GAS S.A.

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Oil price, San Leon, Europa, SDX, Coro. And finally…

Oil is waiting on Opec on Thursday, but up a little today. San Leon announce that the TRAM money has been sent but not yet received and Europa have turned down a requisition to remove the CEO. SDX announce their policy to concentrate on Morocco after selling Egypt and Coro announced on Friday a restructuring in Vietnam.

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Oil price, JOG/Serica, Longboat, UOG.

Trade is quiet as Thanksgiving Day dawns, I wish a very happy holiday to all those over the pond. Today JOG has made an excellent farm-out of the GBA to Serica which is a win/win situation if ever there was one. And Serica is very wise to be picking up a 30% stake in the asset. Longboat added to its presentation on its portfolio and UOG announced that the preferred partner in Jamaica has walked.

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Oil price, Arrow, Trinity. And finally…

Oil is up a couple of dollars today and with WTI expiring tonight and Opec meeting on Sunday there is much to look out for and in Thanksgiving week as well. The dollar remains weak and the holiday on Thursday will create some window dressing. Today I take a quick look at Arrow who are beneficiaries of a Royalty Tax ruling in Colombia and see how they are affected. Finally a disappointment for Trinity who have had problems at the Jacobin well.

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Oil price, DEC, Arrow, Touchstone. And finally…

Oil is easier again today as speculators took money off the table after the combination of poor inventory stats and economic malaise in China. Today DEC announced that they would be getting a listing in the US but not with a raise to go with it. Arrow has had another very decent discovery at RCE-6 and the drill bit spins again at the 7 well and at Oso Pardo. Finally I comment on Touchstone after the results and the presentation yesterday, all is looking extremely positive for TXP.