Oil price, Kistos, RKH, SDX, Trinity, UOG, Petro Matad, UJO, Reabold, Longboat, Touchstone.

A big rally last night for oil as inventories tightened again. Today I look at Kistos which looks particularly attractive now that MIME is bedding in. Figures from Rockhopper show that the arbitration €260m should be getting closer and United Oil & Gas are working hard across the portfolio. SDX has a successful gas well and Trinity updates on Jacobin in the figures. Petro Matad is going to take time so don't hold your breath and finally I reprise the missing work on Reabold, Union Jack and Longboat from yesterday.

Oil price, Kistos. And finally…

Oil was better yesterday with WTI expiring at the close it is another 90 cents higher this morning. Today good news from Kistos who have successfully appealed the Netherlands Government decision no to extend the M10/M11 licences and have now got another 5 years.

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Oil price, PetroTal, Afentra, Petro Matad, Kistos, Arrow. And finally…

Oil drifted yesterday on Juneteenth Day and has risen slightly today. PetroTal report the blockade is over and production is good while Afentra havent quite completed with Sonangol yet. Petro Matad results as expected and from yesterday Kistos and Arrow where I have a fascinating interview with Marshall Abbott.

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Oil price, PetroTal, Kistos, Arrow, Southern, Hunting, Angus, Longboat, Empyrean, Prospex, Rockhopper, IGas, Reabold. And finally…

Oil fell today as uncertainty rips through Washington about the debt ceiling. Today excellent news from Arrow and Kistos with results and Southern had good quarterlies. Hunting made a really good contract and upped guidance and Angus goes from strength to strength at Saltfleetby. Longboat announce a rig fora. well in 3Q 2024...Empyrean raise and update, Prospex is delayed in Italy because of the bad weather. Reabold and RKH have figures and IGas are in for a hospital contract. PetroTal move towards its social contract.

Oil price, Kistos, Southern, GKP. And finally…

Oil is solid ahead of further default talks and Chevron have made a classic acquisition of PDC Energy. Kistos have completed the Mime deal and it looks better than ever....Southern Energy have done a deal of their own and it looks highly accretive as well. And GKP have blinked first and canceled the latest dividend.

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The Bucket List, 1Q update.

A quarterly update of the Bucket List to reflect recent performance as well as a year/year check.

Oil price, Genel, Kistos, Southern, Arrow, Coro, Predator. And finally…

Oil was firm yesterday with the Turkey pipeline keeping 400/- b/d off the market. Today Genel add to the detail of that shut-in at local level. Kistos update the market on Benriach and the Netherlands and Arrow publish year end reserves data. Southern have also released a great deal of data as they throttle back the drilling programme in the current low natural gas price environment. Coro update on Asia and Predator confirm details of the raise.