Oil price, Genel, Kistos, Southern, Arrow, Coro, Predator. And finally…

Oil was firm yesterday with the Turkey pipeline keeping 400/- b/d off the market. Today Genel add to the detail of that shut-in at local level. Kistos update the market on Benriach and the Netherlands and Arrow publish year end reserves data. Southern have also released a great deal of data as they throttle back the drilling programme in the current low natural gas price environment. Coro update on Asia and Predator confirm details of the raise.

Oil price, Southern, Kistos, Coro, Petrofac. And finally…

Oil is under pressure as China battles with Covid, so far losing the battle despite the 'magic weapon' of zero tolerance. Southern Energy has reported a good set of figures with much excitement to come. Kistos is pursuing a scheme of arrangement in order to restructure and be able to pay out to shareholders. A new CEO on the way at Petrofac and a positive update from Coro in Italy.

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Oil price, Kistos, Touchstone, Scirocco, Jadestone. And finally..

Oil fell yesterday and again today as China data and Covid data disappoint. Today Kistos are in court hoping it will approve the capital reduction leading to potential dividend payments. A red letter day for TXP who achieve first gas at Coho, with much to come and Scirocco are repaying the Prolific facility. Finally Jadestone has agreed an insurance claim following a well workover.

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Oil price, Afentra, Kistos/Serica, Gran Tierra.

Oil continues to drift, even after today's better than expected US CPI numbers markets rallied but not the oil price. Maybe as it's the monthly reporting time that is responsible but I'm convinced that underlying the bulls will out. Last night both Serica and Kistos walked away from hostile activity and will remain independent. Today sees the return of Afentra to the market following suspension after the Excellent deals in Angola and it looks to be very positive indeed and are seriously going places. Finally I caught up with Gran Tierra after figures on Monday.

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Oil price, Kistos, Serica, Union Jack, Hurricane, President, Echo. And finally…

Brent is opening up a gap over WTI slowing refining in the US after demand for gasoline has slowed. Kistos and Serica have carried on with their battle and Union Jack has yet more good news from Wressle. Hurricane has unsurprisingly paid off the debt and it's all change at President with the set up of Green House Capital starting with Lithium and Echo has updated the market.

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