Oil price, JOG, San Leon, Angus, Star, Eco, Longboat.

Oil has rallied about a dollar today, ahead of might be poor inventory stats. San Leon issue a positive statement, a German Bond may trigger activity in Nigeria. Jersey Oil & Gas are being pragmatic about the GBA ahead of the election and Angus is beginning to widen its scope which is good. Longboat have started the reshuffle and are now truly facing SE Asia whilst Eco have taken a very exciting and big, block offshore the Orange Basin in South Africa. Finally changes at last at Star Energy where Ross Glover has been awarded the CEO job somewhat out of the blue.

Oil price, Europa/i3, UOG, Star. And finally…

Oil has eased even after the Saudis started the Opec JMMC by saying that their voluntary 1m production cut would continue until the end of the year. Today i3 and Europa announce that they are now in talks with the NSTA hoping that they can resolve the Serenity problem and UOG have extended the Quattro date. Finally Star has moved into geothermal energy in Croatia.

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Flash blog: Pharos, PetroTal, IOG, Longboat, SDX, Hunting, Star.

Good numbers from Pharos, PetroTal are in the dry season but guidance is unchanged, the yield is not it's 17$ plus 2 for the buy-back. IOG are working hard and in talks with bondholders and Longboat have added to the previous acquisition.SDX continue to impress with deals and Hunting were also very impressive at the Capital Markets Day. Star meantime are all-in on geothermal.

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