The Bucket List

Bucket list 6 month update.

Today is the interim Bucket List with a look at performance since February, the good the bad and the ugly and with two stocks dropping out to be replaced in the list.

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IGTV interview: Small-cap oil stocks on the move, Malcy’s oil bucket list

Malcy joins IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor to look across some of the highlights so far this year. Having seen the oil price gain, some 50% since the start of 2019, small-cap oil stocks have generally been higher, although there are some

The bucket list update.

The updated Bucket List, widely differing performances but I remain confident about the picks in the main.

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IG interview: Malcy’s Blog bucket list brings in Genel as Pantheon drops out

The oil bucket list has been in place for more than three years and one of the original stocks in the list, Pantheon Resources (PANR), has just fallen out. Malcolm Graham-Wood updates IG on the list.

Total Market Solutions podcast: Malcy’s Oil Council

In the 4th Edition of oil council, Malcolm runs through his recently published “Interim Bucket-list”. Malcy covers his most recent results, whilst sharing his expert opinion on those headlining pole position as others fall to the back of the grid.

The 2018 Interim Bucket list

Interim bucket list The bucket list has been going now for just under three years, it started when a leading Fund Manager asked me to put together a selection of stocks that would make a decent return when the oil

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Interactive Investor interview: Top oil stocks for your ISA in 2018

Malcolm Graham-Wood takes a look at the big movers in his 2018 bucket list and shares one particular stock with huge potential.

IG interview: Malcy’s bucket list gets a boost with six new stocks publishes an annual list of favoured small-cap oil stocks that includes a cross section of exploration, development and production companies that are in geographical locations that are attractive. Malcy has recently published his list of stocks for 2018 and

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The -delayed- bucket list 2018, six new stocks in now, further review planned for June.

Malcy’s Bucket list 2018 and 2017 review, with apologies for the delay… The 2017 bucket list was an entirely different game to that of 2016, last year the oil price was at its high on bucket list day, $57 for

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IG interview: The Oil Bucket List beats the market

Malcolm Graham-Wood looks across the performance of his Bucket List of oil stocks that he’s following. So far, 2017 is a poor relation to 2016, but he is still beating the market.