Oil price, Genel, Touchstone, Reabold, Jadestone, UOG, Echo.

Oil is up about a dollar on the Opec report. Today Genel announce 3Q and 9 month update with the hope that the Iraqi-Turkish pipeline will re-open imminently. Touchstone also report for the period and with Cascadura flowing the numbers are starting to look exciting.Reabold have had an invalid requisition presented but will reply when a valid one returns. Jadestone have increased their stake in CWLH which looks like a pretty good deal to me. And UOG are losing their CFO and Echo have appointed Stephen Birrell as their new CEO.

Oil price, Kistos, RKH, SDX, Trinity, UOG, Petro Matad, UJO, Reabold, Longboat, Touchstone.

A big rally last night for oil as inventories tightened again. Today I look at Kistos which looks particularly attractive now that MIME is bedding in. Figures from Rockhopper show that the arbitration €260m should be getting closer and United Oil & Gas are working hard across the portfolio. SDX has a successful gas well and Trinity updates on Jacobin in the figures. Petro Matad is going to take time so don't hold your breath and finally I reprise the missing work on Reabold, Union Jack and Longboat from yesterday.

Oil price, Afentra, Reabold, Ithaca, Coro/Empyrean, Arrow. And finally…

Oil is better again today in what is a quiet market, little going on and even tomorrow's US CPI number probably won't draw the Fed into a rise this month. Today Afentra have results which are of no interest, deals in Afentra are of interest and all is good there. Reabold up their %age in LNEnergy and Ithaca confirm taking Shell's 30% of Cambo. With Coro and Empyrean being boosted by a GSA at Mako both companies can now kick on and get some finance...And I revisit Arrow in case my interview with CEO Marshall Abbott had been missed.

Oil price, Beacon, Trinity, Egdon, Reabold, Prospex. And finally…

Oil rose for the 6th week in a row as the Opec meeting ended as expected with production cuts. Today Beacon say the German well is expected in the coming days and Trinity have found what looks like a lot of oil at Jacobin. Egdon confirm the deal at Weaverthorpe and Reabold update on the LNEnergy deal. Finally Prospex ramp-up at PM-1 with gas flowing.