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Oil price, Genel, Kistos, Far, Sound Energy, UOG. And finally…

14 April 2021|Categories: Daily Blog|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

Oil is up again today, the Opec report pushed back the demand rises but they are still overall positive for H2. The API stats showed a decent draw in crude but mixed in products. Genel has announced a useful bunch of payments from the KRG and Kistos has launched a PrimaryBid offer along with a placing and subscription. Far has received news that Remus Horizons has returned for a potential bid, the day before the deadline. Sound has done a crucial bondholders deal very important for operational development going forward. And UOG has announced 'material' upgrade to its Abu Sennan field reserves in Egypt.

JOG, Coro.

13 April 2021|Categories: Flash Blog|Tags: , |0 Comments

Oil is still in the doldrums, trading in a narrow range whilst the vaccine rolls out but Covid is still rampant in some areas of the world. JOG has made an inspired call in their new NED, Les Thomas former CEO of Ithaca Energy with his detailed knowledge of the North Sea. And Coro have given an updated operational update following the recent acquisition of the Global Energy Partnership.

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