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Oil price, Savannah, Zephyr, PetroTal, Angus. And finally…

25 January 2021|Categories: Daily Blog|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

Oil pretty much unchanged last week, better GDP news from China was offset by more Covid cases there. Savannah have another very positive update and new 2021 guidance. Confidence from Zephyr and I'm not surprised as the upside is substantial. Angus are getting into the legal and corporate strokes on Saltfleetby.

Oil price, Union Jack/Reabold, Pharos, Falcon. And finally…

22 January 2021|Categories: Daily Blog|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

Oil is drifting this morning after further virus fears re-emerged in China. HitecVision is to bid for Exxon's Central and northern North Sea interests and Union Jack and Reabold update positively on West Newton. Pharos has raised $11.7m to get going on drilling operations in Egypt and Falcon has continued success at Kyalla.

Oil price, Genel, PetroTal, Zephyr, Falcon, Kosmos, Remus. And finally…

19 January 2021|Categories: Daily Blog|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

Oil is already rallying and its a busy blog with Genel updating the market, and PetroTal completing an agreement with Petroperu as well as Kosmos making a discovery in the GoM. Also Remus comment on their current targets whilst Falcon have confirmed a discovery in Australia. Finally I interviewed Colin Harrington of Zephyr, surely a ten bagger in a short time...?

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