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Echo Energy

19 February 2020|Categories: Flash Blog|Tags: |0 Comments

A non-commercial gas discovery at Tapi Aike for Echo this morning but with flow of gas and condensate able to give data to tap into this working Petroleum system all is not lost.

Oil price, Predator, Sound, Far – And finally…

17 February 2020|Categories: Daily Blog|Tags: , , |0 Comments

Oil duly rose last week but at present the virus, now Covid-19 could be peaking but the WHO are less confident. Predator completed a raise of £3.56m at 4p, a highly commendable job done that was 'significantly oversubscribed' and the outlook is promising. Sound Energy has had to go to plan B as so far the buyer of its Eastern Morocco assets has not yet signed an SPA. Far announced that MD Cath Norman had bought shares pa on Friday, nice work.

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