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Oil price, Predator, Trinity, GMS. And finally…

30 June 2020|Categories: Daily Blog|Tags: , , |0 Comments

Oil rallied nicely yesterday as markets found strength, today all is about window dressing on the last day of the month, quarter and half means leaving no big open positions to make you look a fool...I look at Predator who are preparing in some detail for drilling in Morocco and are clearly excited. Also Trinity who have received the VAT money and GMS who had a trading statement yesterday.

Oil price, Sound, Echo, Solo,DGO, Jadestone. And finally…

29 June 2020|Categories: Daily Blog|Tags: , , , , |2 Comments

Oil ended the week slightly down on more virus worries but markets are better today as is oil. I look at the interesting Sound deal in Morocco and the good news from Echo Energy. Solo has raised a potential $5m and updated on cost strategy whilst DGO has had its redetermination satisfactorily. Finally Jadestone looks like it has made another cracking acquisition.

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