The Bucket List, 1Q update.

A quarterly update of the Bucket List to reflect recent performance as well as a year/year check.

Flash blog:DEC, UOG, ECO, Longboat.

DEC report another excellent set of numbers and yielding 15% I expect good income and capital growth from here. United Oil & Gas is bringing onstream the better than expected ASH-8 and Eco Atlantic is starting to go forward in the Orange Basin. Longboat have results and Beacon Energy are appearing with a raise and acquisition.

Oil price, PetroTal, Eco, GKP, Harbour. And finally…

Slightly more drift in oil as a follow up to Jay P's fit of the vapours but the inventory stats were better than expected, an actual draw in crude of 1.694 barrels when the spotty kids were expecting a build. PetroTal updated the market, after a dip, production will rise, debts are to be paid off and a return to shareholders is imminent. Eco Atlantic have been reading Africa Oil's homework but the CPR is very exciting-for both of them. GKP are revealing numbers from the KRG which include the new price formula and Harbour have reported results but are very angry indeed with the UK Government over the Looney Tax.

The 2023 Bucket List

The 2023 Bucket List is published today, five companies are leaving one way or another and three are joining the group. The Oil and Gas prices both showed consistency in being virtually unchanged on the year although the prices changed at different times during it, see the charts. The blog also announces how the 2022 list fared.

Oil price, JOG, Sound, Arrow, Eco, Zephyr. And finally…

Oil has picked up sharply today with markets worrying about the Opec+ meeting on Sunday. JOG get an extension at Verbier to match the GBA whilst Sound restructure the Phase 1 Micro LNG. Eco has results which are history and Arrow has its best ever quarter. Finally Zephyr publishes a new presentation, worh a glance.

Oil price, PetroTal, IOG, Zephyr, Angus, Hunting, Eco. And finally…

Oil rose yesterday ahead of today's Fed symposium at Jackson Hole Wyoming, tomorrow we will hear the rate decision. The EIA inventory stats showed a big crude draw of 3.3m with a fairly quiet product market. Today PetroTal have another excellent report, IOG update after a small reduction in guidance and Zephyr have wrapped up a small parcel of acreage at the Paradox Basin. IOG deliver the first revenue and net profit and Angus are nearly over the line at Saltfleetby whilst Hunting are mega bullish about the sector, me too. Finally, under the cover of 1Q numbers Eco manage to advertise wells coming up in South Africa and Namibia....

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