Oil price, JOG, San Leon, Angus, Star, Eco, Longboat.

Oil has rallied about a dollar today, ahead of might be poor inventory stats. San Leon issue a positive statement, a German Bond may trigger activity in Nigeria. Jersey Oil & Gas are being pragmatic about the GBA ahead of the election and Angus is beginning to widen its scope which is good. Longboat have started the reshuffle and are now truly facing SE Asia whilst Eco have taken a very exciting and big, block offshore the Orange Basin in South Africa. Finally changes at last at Star Energy where Ross Glover has been awarded the CEO job somewhat out of the blue.

Oil price, Deltic, Sintana/Eco, Sound. And finally…

Oil is down again today on ceasefire talks. Deltic face trouble financing Pensacola and Sound are moving ahead at Anoual in Morocco. And Namibia is back in the news, Chevron farm-in to the Walvis Basin with Sintana and Eco Atlantic are now surrounding the block.

Oil price, Touchstone, Eco, Molecular, Coro. And finally…

Oil is firm again today as the market expects Opec to maintain quotas, US inflation falls and Indian jet fuel demand rockets...Today Touchstone has released end 2023 reserves numbers which are unsurprisingly very positive. Eco Atlantic have figures and an update and Molecular Energies say Tapir x-1 is halted. Finally I look at Coro after yesterdays announcement.

Oil price, PetroTal, Rockhopper, Eco, UOG. And finally…

Oil has risen today as Iran step up activity in the Red Sea. Today PetroTal announce detailed guidance which confirms how strong their position is. Rockhopper pass on information from Navitas which show reduced costs on Sea Lion and Eco Atlantic are carrying on in South Africa with confidence. Finally United have had to exit Egypt which was on the cards and got an extension in Jamaica.

Oil price, Namibia-Galp-Eco-Impact-Sintana, Trinity, Molecular.

Oil rallies after a tanker was boarded of Oman and is now heading on a different course. I look at the Galp find in Namibia with its knock-on for some companies such as Sintana, Eco Atlantic and Impact Oil. And Trinity has reported that Jacobin is very disappointing, whilst Molecular Energies have spudded in Paraguay.