Oil price, Touchstone, Hunting, Coro, Ithaca, Jadestone, Deltic, UOG.

Oil is drifting as economies from Europe to China remain sluggish. Today I look at Touchstone who are near to Cascadura and Hunting who are in very good nick indeed. Also Coro have done a smart corporate deal. From yesterday I relook at Ithaca which yields 22% and Jadestone who I think are out of the trees at Montara. Also I spoke to Deltic CEO Graham Swindells and his company is in a very strong position indeed. Finally Jonathan Leather is moving on from UOG.

Flash blog: Chariot, San Leon, UOG, Predator, Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas.

Oil remains strong, today Chariot announce the licence acquisition we have been waiting for and San Leon has extended its dates for the current complicated deal. Also UOG say that Quattro have not yet completed the deal for Maria and Predator have raised £10m. Finally Eco (Atlantic) has released full year results which are of course historic.

Oil price, UOG, Gran Tierra, Trinity, CEG/Predator, i3. And finally…

Oil fell again yesterday but there are still many forces at work, right now its a strong greenback. Today I look at UOG, back winning at Abu Sennan and Gran Tierra whom I saw recently. Challenger and Predator get a delay and Trinity are still becalmed production wise anyway.

Oil price, DEC, Petrofac, UOG, EDR, UJO, EOG. And finally…

A good day for crude as talks at the White House progress. DEC have had their debt redetermination approved and Petrofac has won another $1bn of work in Algeria. UOG have extended the long stop date for the Quattro deal, again and I talk to the interests close to the Egdon deal yesterday.

Oil price, Sound, Petrofac, UOG, Tower, Trinity, GKP. And finally…

Oil fell sharply as US recession looms, Sound look closer to financing and Petrofac have rewritten the numbers. UOG have sold Maria and Jamaica appears to be a bit closer. Trinity have no growth so the Jacobin well is crucial and Tower may well be on the way in Cameroon whilst at GKP everything stops for the pipeline closure.

Oil price, IOG, Southern, Angus, Afentra, UOG, Hurricane. And finally…

Oil drifted as the greenback rose, Chinese data though is picking up...Today IOG have some operational problems, nothing that hasnt been seen before though. Southern Energy release full year results, nothing to add to recent updates but holding back some production until prices rise again. Angus gave a brief update but all appears well at Saltfleetby whilst Afentra are looking good in Angola with things on the move there. Finally Hurricane updated, Prax still waiting there and UOG confirmed yesterday about extending their own long-stop date.

Flash blog:DEC, UOG, ECO, Longboat.

DEC report another excellent set of numbers and yielding 15% I expect good income and capital growth from here. United Oil & Gas is bringing onstream the better than expected ASH-8 and Eco Atlantic is starting to go forward in the Orange Basin. Longboat have results and Beacon Energy are appearing with a raise and acquisition.