The Bucket List

Interactive Investor interview: This oil share could quadruple and still not be expensive

Malcy reveals the favourite stocks in his Bucket List for 2017 and names the companies investors should make money on.

The 2017 bucket list and 2016 results.

The bucket list, 2016 results. The final shake-up for the 2016 bucket list shows a very commendable result, of the 2016 squad of 14 the top three companies rose by over 400%,  to get into the top 6 you needed

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IG interview: Will 2017 be another year of ‘sex and violence’ for the ‘Bucket List’?

Malcolm Graham-Wood promised a year of ‘sex and violence’, and that’s what we got. Malcolm says that as the price of oil rises 2017 will be the year for American shale.

TipTV interview: Oil bucket list 2016: bucket full of profits – Part 4

Malcolm Graham-Wood provides an update on the Oil Bucket List he originally presented on TipTV in February 2016. The oil/mining stocks that make the Bucket List have generated stellar results. This segment is hosted by Tip TV CEO Nick Batsford.

IG interview: Oil stock bucket list returned 101% so far in 2016

Malcolm Graham-Wood’s bucket list of oil stocks has returned 101% so far this year with Sound Oil and Ithaca leading the charge and Hurricane and Premier Oil following up. Malcolm says even Far, which is down 4%, remains a good

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TipTV interview: Oil Bucket List 2016: Stellar results on recent stock picks – Part 3

Malcolm Graham-Wood provides fundamental update on the Oil Bucket List, he originally presented on our show in February 2016. The oil/mining stocks that make the Bucket List have generated stellar results. Discussed: PANR, SOU, AMER, RKH, HUR, CNE, FAR, IAE,

TipTV Interview: The Oil Bucket List: Top Picks

Continuing the oil bucket list – the top oil stocks expected to perform ahead, Malcolm Graham-Wood takes a fundamental look at a few energy stocks, and suggests that path ahead for the stocks.

IG interview: Improving fundamentals for oil companies

Malcolm Graham-Wood discusses the progress that his preferred list of stocks is making this year. Malcolm also highlights the progress the companies are making in cutting costs and finding new opportunities.

The Bucket List- 2016 Update

WTI $30.77 +11c, Brent $34.28 -22c, Diff $3.51 -33c, NG $1.85 -9c The Bucket List – 2016 Update   When I started the bucket list last year I pointed out that it was not a list of share recommendations per

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Interactive Investor Interview: Best oil shares to own right now

Malcolm Graham-Wood’s bucket list is the equivalent of an investment trust for oil and gas stocks. He names the best shares which are “cheap as chips” and still viable at $30 a barrel.