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WTI $40.74 -$1.01, Brent $43.61 -45c, (New contract Jan $44.47 -72c), Diff $2.87 +56c, NG $2.36 +10c Oil price What was a bad week for the oil price, with WTI falling $3.55 and Brent $3.81, ended with the terrorist action

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Oil price, Exxon, Egdon/Europa/Union Jack, Sundry-Santos-YPF/Andes- And finally…

WTI $67.38 +50c, Brent $69.92 -62c, Diff $2.54 -$1.12, NG $3.81 -7c Oil price The differential between Brent and WTI narrowed yesterday as economic data from the USA was generally better than expected. Added to that, the EIA inventory stats

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WTI $103.40 -20c, Brent $107.46 -52c, Diff $4.06 -32c, NG $4.66 +7c Oil price After the recent modest rally crude fell yesterday and this morning have drifted a little more. Yesterday a couple of reports came out from respected industry

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WTI $108.36 +32c, Brent $108.79 -52c; B/WTI Diff $43c -17c , Natural Gas $3.81 +18c Good morning In Japan, Shinzo Abe wins a landslide victory which gives him a majority in the Upper House and a mandate to continue with

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WTI $102.93 +10c; Brent $118.75 -2.83 ; Natural Gas $2.02 +4c Good morning The oil price falleth and not before time as the glut of oil on the market begins to take on the various bulls around the market place.

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