Oil price, Echo Energy, Touchstone Exploration, Getech And finally…

Oil is rallying again, mainly due to Venezuela being totally shut in due to power blackouts and with the API, despite reporting a build in crude oil showed further draws in products. An operating update from Echo is quite muted, the big stuff from Tapi Aike will come later in the year and Touchstone produce decent results with good netbacks. Finally Getech are handling tough industry conditions very well and report very creditable numbers in their pre-close update today.

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Oil price, Petrofac, Far, Touchstone, And finally…

The oil price is steady with positive fundamentals helping out and the chartists like the look of it too if it consolidates above these levels. Petrofac announced a big contract in Algeria yesterday which makes them even more undervalued whilst Far's annual report is full of goodies. Finally Touchstone has an operational update with good production numbers and preparing to drill at Ortoire.

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Oil price, Frontera, RockRose, Touchstone And finally…

A funny week comes to an end, downward pressure on the oil price, a bit better this morning. A word about Frontera after the positive presentation and a catch up on RockRose and Touchstone. I've been running around interviewing and meeting people this week and there are at least three links today.

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VOX Markets podcast: Malcy on Range Resources, Columbus Energy Resources, Touchstone Exploration, Trinity Exploration, Rockrose Energy and Lamprell

Malcy talks about the following stocks: Range Resources #RRL, Columbus Energy Resources #CERP, Touchstone Exploration #TXP, Trinity Exploration #TRIN, Rockrose Energy #RRE and Lamprell #LAM