Oil price, RockRose, Sound. And finally…

The oil price remains strong on the back of strong equity markets enjoying favourable economic news from China. Today sees an agreed cash bid by Viaro for RockRose at 1,850p per share which is 91% up on the 3 month VWAP. Sound Energy also announce successful negotiations with ONHYM with regards to its Anoual Permit work programme commitments.

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Oil price, Sound, Echo, Solo,DGO, Jadestone. And finally…

Oil ended the week slightly down on more virus worries but markets are better today as is oil. I look at the interesting Sound deal in Morocco and the good news from Echo Energy. Solo has raised a potential $5m and updated on cost strategy whilst DGO has had its redetermination satisfactorily. Finally Jadestone looks like it has made another cracking acquisition.

Oil price, Sound, Serica, GKP

Oil rallied yesterday and has again this morning, maybe people are thinking the same as me yesterday that an announcement on production from the KSA is imminent. Contrary to market views there is still plenty going on at Sound Energy with results today. Serica has well more than justified its position in the Bucket List with a great performance increasing production and cash flow whilst reducing costs. Finally, GKP has shelved plans to increase Shaikan production to 55,000 b/d until the market, improves and the KRG are paying their bills.

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Oil price, BP, Sound, Echo, Eco, Wentworth

Oil has been very much unchanged over the quarter end and contract rollover and is so today, a lot of talk about who has spoken to MbS... BP have announced 25% capex cuts, in line with others whilst Sound Energy are still discussing their GSA in Morocco. Echo Energy has been restructuring its debt with a number of successes already agreed and Eco Atlantic has pared back costs and remains very well placed when drilling recommences. Finally, I spoke to Wentworth Resources this week and I am convinced that with their very strong model and solid finances they are as good as any in the sector.

Sound Energy

Sound Energy make progress with the approvals for building the gas treatment plant, including a possible LNG option. The deal also covers most of the planning needs for the pipeline.

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Oil price, Reabold, Sound, Jadestone, Egdon – And finally…

Oil down again as Covid-19 seems to be a very random visitor. Reabold has issued an upbeat statement about its US operations which are doing very well whilst the highly experienced Graham Lyon joins Sound as Exec Chairman. I attended the Jadestone Capital Markets event yesterday and was most impressed as I thought I would be, full of quality. And Egdon Resources confirm that they have hit the guidance with production of 178 b/d.

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Oil price, Predator, Sound, Far – And finally…

Oil duly rose last week but at present the virus, now Covid-19 could be peaking but the WHO are less confident. Predator completed a raise of £3.56m at 4p, a highly commendable job done that was 'significantly oversubscribed' and the outlook is promising. Sound Energy has had to go to plan B as so far the buyer of its Eastern Morocco assets has not yet signed an SPA. Far announced that MD Cath Norman had bought shares pa on Friday, nice work.

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Oil price, Sound, PetroTal, Falcon – and finally…

Oil drifted in the end last week, Iran shooting down a civil airline flight somewhat dented the passion against the Great Satan's. Sound Energy has continued to work though the EIA and sundry diligence for its work in Morocco and PetroTal Corp has yet again over-delivered against market expectations. Finally, Falcon Oil & Gas has had a minor operational delay which will be sorted by Origin sidetracking the well.

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Rockhopper, IOG, Serica, Sound Energy

Sound Energy has made a modest raise after recent interest which makes sense, IOG has not had quite what they expected at Harvey but to the northeast has seen a structure. Putting that with Redwell might create a hub going forward. Rockhopper have updated modest success at Abu Sennan before passing on to UOG. And Serica has been awarded licence P2501 conveniently next door to Rhum.

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Oil price, Longboat, Jadestone, BPC – And finally…

Happy Thanksgiving and whilst today and Black Friday means very little trading in oil markets until Monday it is a time of the year fraught with risk especially with the Opec+ meeting next week. I welcome Longboat Energy to the market with its former Faroe management and talk about Jadestone, also with a very high quality team. With Bahamas Petroleum preparing for 2020 drilling they are starting the necessary steps for local investors and the environmental needs.