Oil price, Sound, Cairn, Zenith.

Oil fell again as the worries about Covid continued and President Trump failed to sign the Covid financing Bill. Sound has pulled off an excellent deal with Italfluid for the mLNG plant. Cairn has won its tribunal case in India and has been awarded $1.2bn plus tips. And Zenith has been selected for the Tilapia oilfield in the Republic of The Congo.

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Oil price, Genel, Jadestone, Sound. And finally…

Oil has continued its rally and Brent has broken the magic $50 level and has held over a number of sessions. Genel have announced the good news that the KRG override payments are to resume with the January 2021 invoice. Jadestone has said that it is about to close the Lemang PSC acquisition 'within the coming days'. Finally, yesterday Sound announced that it is continuing to negotiate its Euro debt but still needs more support for the 75% needed to cross the line which it is progressing.

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Oil price, Genel, DGO, Sound. And finally…

Oil fell sharply, mainly on COVID which is fast closing economies, particularly in Europe. The EIA stats were a mixed bag, crude stocks built by some 4.3m barrels whilst gasoline drew, but distillates fell 4.5m b's. In the meantime overall consumption in the US grew again, by 1.5m b/d to 19.6m b/d, huge. Genel has announced good production figures from Tawke and payments from the KRG. DGO have again showed how good the model is and have increased the dividend by 7%. Finally, Sound Energy have proposed a debt restructuring as operationally they continue to do well.

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Oil price, Zephyr Energy, Total Market Solutions Podcast. And finally…

Oil is drifting and was around even on the week. Zephyr Energy has announced a raise of £2.25m which is more than enough to cover their costs of the dual use well in the Paradox Basin. I link to a Podcast with Total Market Solutions as part 1 of 2.

Oil price, Sound, Solo, Aminex, Pantheon.

Oil fell yesterday on well known supply problems, Libya, Norway and Delta to name but three. Today its a little better but I'm not sure the inventory numbers will help much this week unless they are really good. Sound has had its Sidi Moktar permits extended by 24 months without any changes to its committed work programme. Aminex has announced that the Tanzanian Government has given approval for the farm-out and whilst the company are sensibly waiting for completion before commenting. It's also good news for Solo as they can continue to pursue their gas strategy. Finally another huge estimate from Pantheon, if this lot comes in it will burn down many barns...

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Oil price, Genel, Sound, Pharos, Hurricane. And finally…

Oil has drifted again today, the delayed EIA inventory stats were hit by Laura, although crude built 2m barrels products drew as refinery utilisation fell with some refineries still closed. Genel announces that they may raise up to $300m to replace existing facilities, wise move from a position of strength. Sound's interim statement is short, nothing new but we know the new management are flat to the boards right now. Pharos has received permission for the full field development plan at TGT and Hurricane have taken a sharp knife to the CPR under new management..

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Oil price, San Leon, IOG, Sound Energy, UJO/Egdon. And finally…

Oil remains range-bound which is no bad thing right now. San Leon has announced a cracker of a deal which has triple benefits and shareholders should like. IOG update again, this time on the award of the Phase 1 platform contract to HSM Offshore. Sound topped up their recent raise with £725,000 from the broker option. Union Jack Oil announce that Egdon have updated at Wressle and that the UJO acquisition of a further 12.5% of PEDL 180 and 182 has been approved by the OGA.

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