Oil price, Genel, Sound, Pharos, Hurricane. And finally…

Oil has drifted again today, the delayed EIA inventory stats were hit by Laura, although crude built 2m barrels products drew as refinery utilisation fell with some refineries still closed. Genel announces that they may raise up to $300m to replace existing facilities, wise move from a position of strength. Sound's interim statement is short, nothing new but we know the new management are flat to the boards right now. Pharos has received permission for the full field development plan at TGT and Hurricane have taken a sharp knife to the CPR under new management..

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Oil price, San Leon, IOG, Sound Energy, UJO/Egdon. And finally…

Oil remains range-bound which is no bad thing right now. San Leon has announced a cracker of a deal which has triple benefits and shareholders should like. IOG update again, this time on the award of the Phase 1 platform contract to HSM Offshore. Sound topped up their recent raise with £725,000 from the broker option. Union Jack Oil announce that Egdon have updated at Wressle and that the UJO acquisition of a further 12.5% of PEDL 180 and 182 has been approved by the OGA.

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Oil price, RockRose, Sound. And finally…

The oil price remains strong on the back of strong equity markets enjoying favourable economic news from China. Today sees an agreed cash bid by Viaro for RockRose at 1,850p per share which is 91% up on the 3 month VWAP. Sound Energy also announce successful negotiations with ONHYM with regards to its Anoual Permit work programme commitments.

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Oil price, Sound, Echo, Solo,DGO, Jadestone. And finally…

Oil ended the week slightly down on more virus worries but markets are better today as is oil. I look at the interesting Sound deal in Morocco and the good news from Echo Energy. Solo has raised a potential $5m and updated on cost strategy whilst DGO has had its redetermination satisfactorily. Finally Jadestone looks like it has made another cracking acquisition.

Oil price, Sound, Serica, GKP

Oil rallied yesterday and has again this morning, maybe people are thinking the same as me yesterday that an announcement on production from the KSA is imminent. Contrary to market views there is still plenty going on at Sound Energy with results today. Serica has well more than justified its position in the Bucket List with a great performance increasing production and cash flow whilst reducing costs. Finally, GKP has shelved plans to increase Shaikan production to 55,000 b/d until the market, improves and the KRG are paying their bills.

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Oil price, BP, Sound, Echo, Eco, Wentworth

Oil has been very much unchanged over the quarter end and contract rollover and is so today, a lot of talk about who has spoken to MbS... BP have announced 25% capex cuts, in line with others whilst Sound Energy are still discussing their GSA in Morocco. Echo Energy has been restructuring its debt with a number of successes already agreed and Eco Atlantic has pared back costs and remains very well placed when drilling recommences. Finally, I spoke to Wentworth Resources this week and I am convinced that with their very strong model and solid finances they are as good as any in the sector.

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