Oil price, JOG/Serica, Longboat, UOG.

Trade is quiet as Thanksgiving Day dawns, I wish a very happy holiday to all those over the pond. Today JOG has made an excellent farm-out of the GBA to Serica which is a win/win situation if ever there was one. And Serica is very wise to be picking up a 30% stake in the asset. Longboat added to its presentation on its portfolio and UOG announced that the preferred partner in Jamaica has walked.

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Oil price, Touchstone, Sound, Serica, i3, Jadestone. And finally…

Oil is solid after the EIA stats which showed a draw of nearly 10m barrels. Today I look at Touchstone where Cascadura is nearly ready for first gas. Also Serica has a confident AGM statement, i3 have a disappointing update with reduced guidance and lower dividends. A quick look at JSE who failed in the Open Offer and there is more on Sound after yesterday's RNS.

The Bucket List, 1Q update.

A quarterly update of the Bucket List to reflect recent performance as well as a year/year check.

Oil price, JOG, Scirocco, Hurricane, Serica. And finally…

Oil was unchanged, inventory stats were good but US data poor. Jersey Oil & Gas has revealed a cracking deal with NEO that unlocks the value for the GBA with much more to come. Scirocco is also looking good as the news from EAG is very promising whilst Hurricane is going out with a whimper. And yesterday Serica gave a very good reserves report.

Oil price, Jadestone, Gulf Keystone, Serica.

After the Fed raised rates yesterday it was the turn of the Bank of England today and it was no surprise that the Old Lady added her 25 bp's worth this morning. Today, finally, Jadestone announced that production at Montara had finally got underway again and will settle over the next few days before guidance is issued. GKP issued an excellent set of results but where is the growth at Shaikan to come from? And Serica completed the Tailwind acquisition.

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Oil price, Serica, GKP, Longboat, Predator. And finally…

Oil is up after Saudi Aramco raise the oil price to Asian customers seeing a rebound in Chinese demand. A good update from Serica and with Tailwind it should be better whilst GKP have warned about the Ceyhan pipeline and terminal post the earthquake. Longboat are indeed looking at Asia and Predator issue an interview with Paul Griffiths.