Oil price, San Leon, Europa, SDX, Coro. And finally…

Oil is waiting on Opec on Thursday, but up a little today. San Leon announce that the TRAM money has been sent but not yet received and Europa have turned down a requisition to remove the CEO. SDX announce their policy to concentrate on Morocco after selling Egypt and Coro announced on Friday a restructuring in Vietnam.

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Oil price, AOW roundup, US stocks, Sound, Angus. And finally…

Oil will end up on the week, no surprise there then and we wait to see how Israel unfolds over the weekend. Today I assess the state of the oil market, take a look at the exciting M&A situation in US oil stocks and round up from Africa Oil Week. I also watched the Sound Energy video which shows considerable progress and have repeated the Angus interview with Richard Herbert from earlier in the week.

Oil price, Savannah, Zephyr, Scirocco, Beacon, SDX, Tower, IOG, Prax. And finally…

Oil is quiet today after a good week as the quarter ends. Today I look at Savannah with results as do Zephyr, Scirocco, SDX, Beacon and Tower. IOG have taken the plc into administration and I look at Prax after the first payment to DCU holders.

Oil price, Kistos, RKH, SDX, Trinity, UOG, Petro Matad, UJO, Reabold, Longboat, Touchstone.

A big rally last night for oil as inventories tightened again. Today I look at Kistos which looks particularly attractive now that MIME is bedding in. Figures from Rockhopper show that the arbitration €260m should be getting closer and United Oil & Gas are working hard across the portfolio. SDX has a successful gas well and Trinity updates on Jacobin in the figures. Petro Matad is going to take time so don't hold your breath and finally I reprise the missing work on Reabold, Union Jack and Longboat from yesterday.

Flash blog: Pharos, PetroTal, IOG, Longboat, SDX, Hunting, Star.

Good numbers from Pharos, PetroTal are in the dry season but guidance is unchanged, the yield is not it's 17$ plus 2 for the buy-back. IOG are working hard and in talks with bondholders and Longboat have added to the previous acquisition.SDX continue to impress with deals and Hunting were also very impressive at the Capital Markets Day. Star meantime are all-in on geothermal.

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Flash Blog: CEG, Predator, Eco Atlantic, SDX Energy

The oil price was boosted by the arrival of the hurricane season as Idalia swept across the Gulf of Mexico and non-essential staff were removed and key regional pipelines were shut. More on inventories tomorrow but the API saw a draw of 11.486m barrels. I write up CEG, with more tomorrow and Predator who have updated on Morocco. Finally Eco Atlantic are looking good right across the bulging portfolio. Finally SDX have what looks like a great deal in Egypt.