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Oil price, Sound Energy, SDX Energy, Trinity Exploration & Production, Cabot And finally…

WTI $70.46 +$1.00, Brent $73.07 +49c, Diff -$2.61, NG $2.76 -1c Oil price It’s still the same old same old reasons for activity on the oil Bources, Libya recovering, US production arrives at 11m b/d and the Saudis cutting back

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Oil price, SDX, Tullow, Empyrean, Lamprell, Columbus, Reabold And finally…

WTI $68.08 +2c, Brent $72.16 +32c, Diff -$4.08 +30c, NG $2.74 -2c Oil price A quiet day yesterday, with modest shortages of crude from Libya and potentially more from Venezuela offset by the EIA saying that US shale production is

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The 2018 Interim Bucket list

Interim bucket list The bucket list has been going now for just under three years, it started when a leading Fund Manager asked me to put together a selection of stocks that would make a decent return when the oil

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Oil price, SDX Energy, Zenith Energy, Pantheon Resources And finally…

WTI $71.01 +68c, Brent $75.33 +88c, Diff -$4.32 +20c, NG $2.75 -4c Oil price With the rally of some sort at the end of the week, crude posted only modest falls after black thursday. WTI fell $2.79 and Brent $1.78,

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Rockhopper, Amerisur, SDX Energy

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VOX Markets podcast: Malcy on SDX Energy, Cabot Energy, President Energy, Diversified Gas & Oil, Echo Energy, Petro Matad, Reabold Resources, Block Oil

Malcy talks about the following stocks: SDX Energy #SDX, Cabot Energy #CAB, President Energy #PPC, Diversifiend Gas & Oil #DGOC, Echo Energy #ECHO, Petro Matad #MATD, Reabold Resources #RBD and Block Oil #BLOE

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Core Finance CEO interview: Paul Welch of SDX Energy

Malcolm Graham-Wood is joined by Paul Welch, CEO of SDX Energy.

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Oil price, President, SDX, Savannah, Cabot, Touchstone And finally…

WTI $65.06 -$1.83, Brent $73.44 -$2.50, Diff -$8.38 -67c, NG $3.02 +6c Oil price The usual pre-Opec meeting jousting is going on with a few other outside influences not helping matters into the bargain. Prices fell sharply when reports came

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Oil price, VOG, SDX, Petro Matad, Reabold Resources, Pantheon And finally…

WTI $66.64 +28c, Brent $76.74 +86c, Diff -$10.10 +58c, NG $2.96 +2c Oil price A bit of same old, same old as the market scrabbles for information now only eight days ahead of the Opec meeting. As I mentioned yesterday

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Oil price, Sound Energy, VOG, SDX, Reabold, Pantheon, Chariot And finally…

WTI $65.81 -$1.23, Brent $76.79 -77c, Diff -$10.98 +46c, NG $2.96 +1c Oil price The greenback was probably as much of an influence on the oil price on Friday as anything else as the economic data all provided ammunition for

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