Oil price, Savannah, San Leon, DEC, Scirocco, Angus, IOG. And finally…

Oil is quiet ahead of the month and quarter end and ahead of the Opec+ meeting next week. Many results today including Savannah which were good IOG updated on production and Angus are moving ahead fast. Scirocco also have predictable figures as do San Leon.

Oil price, Savannah, Petrofac, President, Getech, Coro.

Oil rose as production in Libya and Ecuador fell for civil rights reasons. Still no data from the EIA and Macron thinks he has a scoop from Opec. Savannah bring more gas onstream and Petrofac have decent figures looking better in 2H 22. President results good and value still way too low and Getech sign a big contract. Finally Coro have had a good year

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Oil price, Genel, Savannah, Touchstone, Eco, CEG, Petro Matad, Arrow. And finally…

Oil rose on Friday but WTI was down on the week, Brent unchanged. Nothing different at the moment, Libya is back down to 100/- odd b/d if that. Today Genel announce KRG payments and Savannah start gas sales to Axxela and Touchstone updates the market on COHO and Cascadura. Arrow have another success in Colombia and Eco Atlantic have raised money in Africa to top up their stake in 3/B and 4/B. Challenger note a scoop on Friday re Uruguay and results from Petro Matad show a positive situation after a terrible year or two.

Oil price, Zephyr, Challenger, Savannah, Predator.

Oil is continuing to drift with the usual suspects responsible, at the moment the underlying remains pretty strong based on product demand. Zephyr have come up with a novel way of monetising the Paradox Basin in the short term whilst waiting for gas infrastructure. Challenger announce more activity on its existing portfolio with workovers, recompletions and swabbing in the short term. Savannah announces its figures for later today and also a retail Q&A and finally Predator have mobilised a huge law suit against Challenger for historic activity in Trinidad.

Oil price, Genel, Savannah, Longboat, Jadestone, Serica, Prospex. And finally…

Oil was up on the week for all the reasons we pointed to, even Opec+ saying the would produce more didn't slow it down. Today we have payments for Genel, Savannah has signed a GSA with TransAfam Power with Accugas and Longboat have a duster at Cambozola. Jadestone just put out 2021 results and Serica have an upbeat operational update while Prospex move on in Italy.

Oil price, Savannah, DEC, UJO/Egdon, Rockhopper, Arrow, Echo, UOG. And finally…

With US markets closed due to Memorial Day today is pretty irrelevant, last week oil was pretty good as a supply shortage, particularly in products pushed oil up sharply. Today DEC announce a good piece of securitisation work giving scope for future deals, Egdon and Union Jack celebrate FDP approval at Wressle, Rockhopper results, Arrow bring on RCE-2, Echo update from Argentina and UOG may have a duster in Egypt, more testing needed. And Savannah announced late on Friday a renewable deal in Chad.

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