Oil price, Sound, Union Jack/Reabold, Pharos, Scirocco, Savannah, Sterling, Cairn.

Oil is down a touch this morning, about the same as it was up yesterday...The Suez Canal is open and the market is starting to look towards Opec+. Sound has gone a long way in the bond restructuring and UJO and Reabold are moving ahead fast at West Newton. Pharos has new fiscal terms in Egypt and may also be in a good position on its farm-out. Elsewhere, new directors at Sterling Energy are v good, Savannah has a new website, Scirocco has been written up in a good note from WHI and Cairn have heard that the Indian Government are trying to have the Dutch court of arbitration set aside.

Oil price, PetroTal, Savannah, Echo, Lamprell. And finally…

After a booming start to the week oil was quiet yesterday, it started well but after I published Wall Street panicked about Fed Chairman Powell and all started to fall. After the close the API stats were a mixed bag and not as good as forecast but with concerns that some oil production shut-in in Texas might never return rallied the market today. PetroTal has announced a useful set of reserves numbers with a decent upward revision. I look at Savannah where i saw an article about the Calabar power station helpful for SAVE long term. Echo has upgraded facilities in Argentina and Lamprell has won a contract from Saudi Aramco as part of the LTAP.

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Oil price, Chariot, Angus, President, Echo. And finally…

After all the Hullabaloo oil was even last week, today however it has tipped upwards again. I look at Chariot who have signed a collaboration Agreement with Subsea Integration Alliance for Anchois. Angus Energy are positive after news that their loan has seen substantial subscription. President update on 2020 and give guidance for 2021 whilst Echo publish their bond restructuring details.

Oil price, JOG, Savannah, Eco, Getech, SDX. And finally…

Oil has settled, WTI is $53 and Brent $56 today, Opec+ adherence is good and will be 100% as even Iraq behaves. JOG has had a significant uplift in contingent resources and the company are set fair for the farm-out process this quarter. Savannah had a good update yesterday and I have had a chance to interview Andrew Knott. Eco has launched Eco Atlantic Renewables, Getech has moved into hydrogen and SDX has unveiled 2021 guidance.

Oil price, Savannah, Zephyr, PetroTal, Angus. And finally…

Oil pretty much unchanged last week, better GDP news from China was offset by more Covid cases there. Savannah have another very positive update and new 2021 guidance. Confidence from Zephyr and I'm not surprised as the upside is substantial. Angus are getting into the legal and corporate strokes on Saltfleetby.

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Oil price, Savannah, Angus, President.

Oil fell as the Covid variant panicked markets although the dollar remains weak. Savannah has updated the market on financials and operations, the company is in very good shape. Angus have raised £250,000 of equity and CEO George Lucan spoke to me about the company's prospects. President has announced a new treatment plant and updated on Paraguay.

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The Bucket List 2021

The 2021 Bucket List.

Oil price, President, IGas, Savannah Energy. And finally…

Oil fell on Friday and is at least a buck down today as markets all lose way in the face of further increases in COVID numbers. President provide very creditable interims along with a successful drilling result today and IGas are throwing the dice again, this time with Hydrogen in a HOT with BayoTech. Finally I review Savannahs interims as I took time out to interview CEO Andrew Knott with a link here.

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