Oil price, Challenger, Sound, Scirocco, Helium One. And finally…

Oil is up again today as buyers realise just how big a week it is, Iranian elections upcoming, the Putin-Biden talks, the Fed meeting and the IEA volte face. Shell consider a sale of $10bn of Permian assets and Scirocco have made moves into the sustainable area while Challenger update on Saffron-2. Sound have done a very smart deal in Morocco and Helium One Global have started the drill bit spinning.

Oil price,BP/Shell, Angus, Hunting

Oil bounces big time, both yesterday and today as President Trump talks to MbS who possibly along with Putin may cut 10-15m b/d, Opec+ announce a virtual meeting on Monday morning, but will Putin dial-in, Zoom or MS Teams it? I interviewed Angus Energy MD, George Lucan yesterday and we had an interesting chat about what is an interesting play. Finally Hunting swap their 6c final with a 3c second interim after yesterday Wood Group withdrew its announced divvi altogether.

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Oil price, Shell, Sundry

Friday went pear shaped again as a combination of demand led factors brought oil back. Today a quick mention of Shell who have found around $10bn of cost cuts from the portfolio. Sundry companies will delay results after a request from the FCA and Petro Matad had an operations update I will talk about tomorrow after a chat with Mike Buck.

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