Oil price, RockRose, Sound. And finally…

The oil price remains strong on the back of strong equity markets enjoying favourable economic news from China. Today sees an agreed cash bid by Viaro for RockRose at 1,850p per share which is 91% up on the 3 month VWAP. Sound Energy also announce successful negotiations with ONHYM with regards to its Anoual Permit work programme commitments.

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Oil price, RockRose, Ascent, Far, Aminex, Rockhopper

Oil is rallying today as we head into May, it is however only very early days with regard to this process. RockRose has an AGM statement and costs continue to fall, the company remains in a strong position. Ascent has signed up more potential acreage in Cuba where opportunities look very interesting and has raised £212,500 as part of the programme. Far continues to manage Sangomar where without its debt finance it is aiming to farm-down all or part of its acreage. Aminex also comments that with its substantial free carry it can make considerable progress in Tanzania and in Pan-Africa. Finally Rockhopper announce that the HOT with Navitas re the Falklands is still in play.

Oil price, RockRose, DGO, JOG, Petrofac

While down around a dollar this morning as the Opec+ meeting is moved to Thursday there is still optimism that a deal will be done. RockRose has leapt out of the starting stalls to release 2019 results as soon as the FCA allow. DGO are looking very smart after not being badly affected by the virus or the hydrocarbon prices. JOG have hired a legend formerly of Shell to help with the GBA which is good and Petrofac have swung the axe like others in the industry.

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Oil price, RockRose, iog, Block, Falcon

Oil staged a modest rally, given back this morning, as the US Senate passes the Stimulus Bill whilst Secretary Pompeo talks to MbS about global energy security. I look at RockRose who have not put results out but instead a bullish operations update, also iog who have actually announced results today. Block look like they have done a cracking deal in Georgia with the fleeing Schlumberger. Finally Falcon succumb to COVID-19 as drilling stops at Kyalla.

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Oil price, RockRose, Trinity, PetroTal, Wentworth Resources, DGO – And finally…

The oil price has fallen further and faster than virtually ever before, today it recovered, stand by for stormy weather. Stock-wise i'm talking about RockRose, Trinity , PetroTal, Wentworth and DGO from yesterday, with apologies.

February Bucket list update…

It's Bucket List time and the February update is out today, cue trauma.....

Oil price, Predator/CERP, JOG, DGO – And finally…

Oil and equities remain subdued whilst the population stays at home, literally. Predator and Columbus have successfully injected CO2 in Trinidad which could be most exciting for the future. JOG are doing a great job at the Greater Buchan Area having acquired Equinor's interest fora modest sum. They are putting a great team together here. DGO are trading in line with market expectations ahead of results in March.

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