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Oil price, Rockhopper/Premier, Petrofac, Pantheon, Bahamas Petroleum And finally…

The oil price ends the week on a high, the first for a while. I talk about the Premier Oil meeting and the positive outlook for Sea Lion with Rockhopper, I also discuss Petrofac selling Greater Stella to Ithaca. And disappointing news from Bahamas Petroleum whose suitor has left them at the altar.

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Oil price, Savannah, Upland, RockRose,Bahamas Petroleum And finally…

With the oil price all over the place I look at the Opec report, I also look at another excellent discovery from Savannah in Niger and write up my chat with Dr Steve Staley of Upland Resources. I also chatted to Andrew Austin Chairman of RockRose and met with Eytan Uliel of Bahamas Petroleum. Plus two links to this week’s interviews.

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The 2018 Interim Bucket list

Interim bucket list The bucket list has been going now for just under three years, it started when a leading Fund Manager asked me to put together a selection of stocks that would make a decent return when the oil

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VOX Markets podcast: Malcy on Echo Energy, Savannah Petroleum, Rockhopper, Premier Oil and Amersur Resources

Malcy talks about the following stocks: Echo Energy #ECHO, Savannah Petroleum #SAVP, Rockhopper #RKH, Premier Oil #PMO and Amersur Resources #AMER

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Rockhopper, Amerisur, SDX Energy

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London Sout East interview: Rockhopper tops Malcy’s 2018 Interims Bucket List gains

After a ‘disappointing’ 2017, the Bucket List has come good in the first half of 2018. And Malcy believes the oil price rise and good housekeeping done in the past years has yet to be reflected in the share price

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Rockhopper RKH has announced an Egypt update this morning and progress is certainly being made in the ‘Greater Med’. At Abu Sennan production is being maintained at 4/- boe/d gross, net 880 to RKH. They have also announced the drilling

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VOX Markets podcast: Malcy on Premier Oil, Rockhopper Exploration, Echo Energy, Hurricane Energy, Genel Energy, SDX Energy, Igas Energy, Ophir Energy

Malcy talks about the following stocks: Premier Oil #PMO, Rockhopper Exploration #RKH, Echo Energy #ECHO, Hurricane Energy #HUR, Genel Energy #GENL, SDX Energy #SDX, Igas Energy #IGAS and Ophir Energy #OPHR

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Oil price, SDX, Echo Energy, Zenith, Amerisur, Rockhopper, Ophir, Petrofac And finally…

WTI $71.49 n/c, Brent $79.30 +2c, Diff -$7.81 +2c, NG $2.86 +4c Oil price At one stage yesterday it looked like WTI would stay above $72 and Brent above $80 but the strength of the Greenback killed that one off.

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Oil price, Jersey Oil & Gas, Genel Energy

WTI $68.05 +35c, Brent $74.00 +14c, Diff $5.95 -21c, NG $ Oil price A very short blog, I am out of my office and running on borrowed internet time. Oil was up yesterday and again today, after all the French

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