Oil price, Hunting, Tower, Remus. And finally…

Oil as the Opec+ meeting is i under way I can't judge but it looks as if they will err on the side of caution... Also Hunting produced creditable results and a positive note for the future with a final dividend of 4 cents a share. Tower have extended the loan facility and I am hearing that there has been a parting of the ways of some senior executives at Remus Petroleum.

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Oil price, PetroTal, Far, Remus. And finally…

Oil powers on, up again today WTI is up 82 cents and Brent over a dollar up at $64.43, even Sea Lion goes at this price...!It was all about the storms in the US which now run from Dallas to Boston and are here to stay. Even the Houston Ship Canal was shut last night... PetroTal has completed its $100m bond issue which puts it in a very strong position to reorganise the debt and invest in the Bretana field growth. Far is on the receiving end of another Non-Binding offer this time from Lukoil and I look at Remus Petroleum who have been involved in both these companies recently.

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