Oil price, Hunting, Tower, Remus. And finally…

Oil as the Opec+ meeting is i under way I can't judge but it looks as if they will err on the side of caution... Also Hunting produced creditable results and a positive note for the future with a final dividend of 4 cents a share. Tower have extended the loan facility and I am hearing that there has been a parting of the ways of some senior executives at Remus Petroleum.

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Oil price, Genel, PetroTal, Zephyr, Falcon, Kosmos, Remus. And finally…

Oil is already rallying and its a busy blog with Genel updating the market, and PetroTal completing an agreement with Petroperu as well as Kosmos making a discovery in the GoM. Also Remus comment on their current targets whilst Falcon have confirmed a discovery in Australia. Finally I interviewed Colin Harrington of Zephyr, surely a ten bagger in a short time...?

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