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The 2018 Interim Bucket list

Interim bucket list The bucket list has been going now for just under three years, it started when a leading Fund Manager asked me to put together a selection of stocks that would make a decent return when the oil

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Oil price, Premier, Ophir, Reabold, Europa And finally…

WTI $70.38 -$3.73, Brent $73.40 -$5.46, Diff -$3.02 -$1.73, NG $2.83 +4c Oil price Oil prices crashed yesterday amidst a welter of news, ironically not all bad which left traders to be frank, a bit shocked. Primarily it was the

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VOX Markets podcast: Malcy on Echo Energy, Savannah Petroleum, Rockhopper, Premier Oil and Amersur Resources

Malcy talks about the following stocks: Echo Energy #ECHO, Savannah Petroleum #SAVP, Rockhopper #RKH, Premier Oil #PMO and Amersur Resources #AMER

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VOX Markets podcast: Malcy on Premier Oil, Rockhopper Exploration, Echo Energy, Hurricane Energy, Genel Energy, SDX Energy, Igas Energy, Ophir Energy

Malcy talks about the following stocks: Premier Oil #PMO, Rockhopper Exploration #RKH, Echo Energy #ECHO, Hurricane Energy #HUR, Genel Energy #GENL, SDX Energy #SDX, Igas Energy #IGAS and Ophir Energy #OPHR

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Oil price, Hurricane, Zenith, Premier And finally…

WTI $71.31 +35c, Brent $78.43 +20c, Diff -$7.12 -15c, NG $2.84 -1c Oil price The oil price just about managed a small gain yesterday although conditions were hardly ideal, disappointing Chinese growth stats and a strong dollar wouldn’t have helped.

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Total Market Solutions podcast: Malcy Talks Oil & Gas With Doc

Featured: Bahamas Petroleum, Coro Energy, Eco Atlantic, Echo Energy, Faroe Petroleum, Genel Energy, Hurricane Energy, Jersey Oil & Gas, Premier Oil, Savannah Resources, SDX Energy, Trinity Exploration. Listen on the Total Market Solutions website: https://total-market-solutions.com/2018/05/11/malcy-talks-oil-gas-with-doc/

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Oil price, Echo Energy, Chariot, Premier, Diversified Gas & Oil And finally…

WTI $68.10 -9c, Brent $74.64 -10c, Diff -$6.54 -1c, NG $2.77 -7c Oil price Last week was actually relatively flat, oil consolidated at the higher levels as the market took on board the likelihood of US sanctions on I Ran

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Core Finance CEO Interview: Tony Durrant of Premier Oil

Today Malcolm is joined by Tony Durrant, CEO of Premier Oil.

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Ophir Energy, Premier Oil

Ophir Energy I spotted Ophirs figs from my hotel yesterday and am looking stone wrong on this one after a reasonable set of figures were hijacked again. So, reserves up (13%), funds flow from production up (46%), reduced G&A(17%), increased

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The -delayed- bucket list 2018, six new stocks in now, further review planned for June.

Malcy’s Bucket list 2018 and 2017 review, with apologies for the delay… The 2017 bucket list was an entirely different game to that of 2016, last year the oil price was at its high on bucket list day, $57 for

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