Oil price, Zephyr, Touchstone, Hurricane, Premier. And finally…

Oil will end up on the week, again as general good long term news is around including approval for the Moderna vaccine in the US. Zephyr has spudded the State 16-2 well in the Paradox Basin and Premier are only steps away from becoming Harbour Energy. Touchstone has signed a GSA with NGC in Trinidad and Hurricane warn that whilst 12/- b/d is fcf positive the financing of the company might be terminal.

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Oil price, Premier, Solo, BPC.

Oil spiked and is up again today, maybe seeing The President back but maybe due to a Norwegian oil workers strike and yet another hurricane on the way. Premier today announce that they have succumbed as they fall into Chrysaor's hands and Solo Oil have drawn down a bit of extra from the Prolific facility. Finally I catch up with BPC to talk about the recent raise and upcoming events.

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Oil price, IGas, Premier, Block.

Oil has rallied for two days now despite mixed messages from the market. In company news IGas is making an interesting move into geothermal heat by taking over GT Energy for shares. Premier are now being forced to speak to other market players which is all they need at the moment. Finally another TR-1 from Block Energy makes one think that the pantomime season isn't far away...He's behind you........

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Oil price, Kosmos, PetroTal, Echo, Premier. And finally…

Oil fell hard, previous Saudi action to offset lower Asian demand as well as lower domestic demand as two major refineries remain closed hit the market. Kosmos has sold a package of assets to Shell and PetroTal hope to get the Bretana field up and running 'imminently'. Echo Energy has splashed out, albeit on the strap, on 4 gas compressors previously leased as well as bring back some shut-in production. Finally, in case you missed it in the late blog yesterday I rerun the link to my interview with Premier Oil CEO Tony Durrant.

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Oil price, Premier Oil, United Oil & Gas. And finally…

Oil has cracked down as equity markets are worrying about Covid-19 and demand knock on effects. I have today interviewed Premier Oil CEO Tony Durrant about operational performance and the upcoming financial restructuring. I also look at United Oil & Gas after an interview with CEO Brian Larkin, it looks most interesting with defensive capabilities and plenty of upside.

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Oil price, Union Jack/Reabold, Premier, Block. And finally…

Oil remains very quiet, a modest warning from the Opec meeting to keep production under control. The West Newton partners announce that the operator has submitted screening requests for two new potential hydrocarbon well sites with substantial potential. And Premier has put together an imaginative and bold refinancing offer in order to finally see the end to the debt pile it has been labouring under.

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Oil price, Touchstone, Premier. And finally…

Oil is drifting as the number of virus cases notched its highest ever one day increase overnight. Touchstone has announced an independent reserves evaluation of the Cascadura discovery which gives some very spicy reserve, production and NPV numbers leaving the company way too cheap. Premier are moving towards completing the BP deal but it's not in the bag yet.

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Oil price, Premier. And finally…

The oil price inches forward after good inventory stats but ahead of the news out of the Opec+ JMMC committee meeting. Premier announce a trading and operational update in which news remains good at the latter level but with key negotiations with creditors ongoing and an equity issue yet to get away they arent out of the woods but it looks promising.

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