2022 Bucket List

2022 Bucket List.

IG Outlook 2022: UK small cap oil

The prospects remain healthy for oil stocks going into 2022. Malcy looks back and discusses the prospects for the year.

Oil price, Predator, Chariot. And finally…

Oil has started to wilt in the face of Omnicron as the IEA forecast a sloppy 1Q 2022 for demand. Whilst this is fair it may be that Opec+ still have the ammunition to fight that if necessary, after all it wouldnt be the first time that the IEA get things wrong...Today sees a detailed statement from Predator where Morocco is exciting and Ireland is reappearing as a market as expected by the patient management. Chariot have got underway also in Morocco with the drilling programme at Anchois which looks very exciting.

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Oil price, DEC, Chariot, Predator, Hunting. And finally…

Oil is taking a breather primarily due to inventory numbers but also that worries from Russia that Covid is back. Also Putin has suggested again that gas flow may be increased to the west, prices are down in Europe but up in the US. DEC have updated on trading, Chariot have signed up an MOU on gas sales at Anchois and Predator have interims out today. Finally, Hunting have a 3rd quarter trading update today.

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Oil price, IOG, Predator, PetroTal, Hurricane, Serica, UJO. And finally…

Oil reached the top of the trading range and boiled over as is its wont. Today I look at Predator after the webcast yesterday and IOG have good news from the Blythe well and first gas on the horizon and at these prices...PetroTal have also had a really positive update from the Bretana field and are looking set very fair. Hurricane have updated but I think maybe should have shouted more from the treetops and yesterday Serica blew away the targets and are looking to have the Midas touch. Union Jack has added a new presentation and video on the website.

Oil price, Union Jack Oil, Predator. And finally…

Another quiet week for oil but watch natural gas which is still heading onwards and upwards. Union Jack has an excellent report this morning and looks hugely attractive on this rating with great news particularly from Wressle. And investors will be happy to see that Predator are doing a presentation shortly on their exciting portfolio..

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Oil price, Zephyr, Challenger, Predator, Genel, UOG, Hurricane. And finally…

Oil remains strong after a good set of API stats, today will show whether last week's EIA numbers were abnormal. More news from Zephyr and Challenger update. Predator update across the board and have a board change while UOG are selling out of the UK North Sea. Finally Hurricane update on the Aoka Mizu, meanwhile gossips are talking about another corporate raider for the Godalming based explorer.

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