Oil price, Union Jack, Angus, Arrow, Predator, Trinity, SDX.

Another rally from oil after the comments about Opec+ production crept into the market. At Union Jack the capital reduction update paves the way for a dividend. Predator have FY 2021 figures and Angus are very close to first gas at Saltfleetby. I speak to Marshall Abbott, CEO of Arrow Energy Corp which is highly illuminating and Trinity starts a six well drilling programme and SDX spud MSD-23.

Oil price, Zephyr, Challenger, Savannah, Predator.

Oil is continuing to drift with the usual suspects responsible, at the moment the underlying remains pretty strong based on product demand. Zephyr have come up with a novel way of monetising the Paradox Basin in the short term whilst waiting for gas infrastructure. Challenger announce more activity on its existing portfolio with workovers, recompletions and swabbing in the short term. Savannah announces its figures for later today and also a retail Q&A and finally Predator have mobilised a huge law suit against Challenger for historic activity in Trinidad.

Oil price, Gulf Keystone, Petrofac, Predator, SDX.

Oil is still quiet, up just under a dollar this afternoon ahead of the EIA inventory stats. Gulf Keystone announce a $50m special dividend which along with KRG payments bodes well for the shareholders. Petrofac announce a contract with bp's GTA project in Africa and Predator remind us that Mag Mell is crucial to Ireland's energy supply. Finally, SDX has accepted a bid for the company of 10p in shares from Tenaz from Calgary, what has life come to?

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Oil price, Chariot, Predator.

Oil is down around $6 this morning after it became clear that President Biden is about to announce a further, more substantial release of stocks from the US SPR. Chariot has announced that the latest Anchois well is bigger and better than expected and will be developed more quickly than previous expectations. Upside is huge, a multiple of the current share price. Predator has confirmed that it has raised £1.035m.

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2022 Bucket List

2022 Bucket List.

IG Outlook 2022: UK small cap oil

The prospects remain healthy for oil stocks going into 2022. Malcy looks back and discusses the prospects for the year.

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