Oil price, Predator, Trinity, GMS. And finally…

Oil rallied nicely yesterday as markets found strength, today all is about window dressing on the last day of the month, quarter and half means leaving no big open positions to make you look a fool...I look at Predator who are preparing in some detail for drilling in Morocco and are clearly excited. Also Trinity who have received the VAT money and GMS who had a trading statement yesterday.

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Oil price, Predator, President, Empyrean.

The oil price is off the top as more cases of the virus are reported in China and the USA and economists are uncertain about world growth. I'm looking at Predator who have an interesting announcement on gas in Ireland and President who have detailed the upcoming drilling programme. I'm also looking at Empyrean after a long call with Tom Kelly, the upside here is huge.

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Oil price, Predator, Columbus, iog, Petrofac, PetroTal, Trinity And finally..

Oil put in a shift last month, WTI up 88% and Brent up 40% although its still down 40% odd ytd. Today we look at Predator, building a strong position in Trinidad, Columbus working with them and with ongoing in the SW Peninsula. IOG have awarded the well management contract to Petrofac who add to the Iraq contract last week. At PetroTal it looks like the Bretana pipeline will reopen next month and that means that they can get a facility to sort out the bill from when the oil price fell and left them exposed. Finally Trinity get a VAT Bond from the Government to maintain financial strength.

Oil price, Predator, Premier

Oil picked up after several Opec+ parties agreed to further cuts to production led by Saudi Arabia and with a possible extension of the June deadline. Predator has had good news from Trinidad as their CO2 injection gets a 90 day period to allow maximum CO2 injection rates and pressure to be achieved. And in a trading update today Premier slip slightly after an unplanned Catcher outage brings production guidance to 65-70 kboepd. No news on the BP acquisitions but 'in talks with all parties'.

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