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Oil was a dollar off the top as I write with the Opec+ meeting ongoing. Figures from Savannah Energy late on Friday, Chariot close the AEMP deal and PetroTal update positively. Longboat Energy have a deal and a raise into the bargain, IGas get planning for the Stoke geothermal project, Pharos update and Sound remain confident that the tax is not due.

Oil price, PetroTal, JOG, IGas, Pharos. And finally…

Oil is quiet, the IMF brought out upbeat GDP figures which seem to support the Opec+ view on the 2nd half economic growth and the API showed crude inventories drawing by 2.6m barrels. PetroTal have had an upbeat statement and JOG has completed the last of the GBA asset deals. IGas have performed well in the conventional assets and Pharos have got a lot of good news to look forward to.

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Oil price, Sound, Union Jack/Reabold, Pharos, Scirocco, Savannah, Sterling, Cairn.

Oil is down a touch this morning, about the same as it was up yesterday...The Suez Canal is open and the market is starting to look towards Opec+. Sound has gone a long way in the bond restructuring and UJO and Reabold are moving ahead fast at West Newton. Pharos has new fiscal terms in Egypt and may also be in a good position on its farm-out. Elsewhere, new directors at Sterling Energy are v good, Savannah has a new website, Scirocco has been written up in a good note from WHI and Cairn have heard that the Indian Government are trying to have the Dutch court of arbitration set aside.

Oil price, Union Jack/Reabold, Pharos, Falcon. And finally…

Oil is drifting this morning after further virus fears re-emerged in China. HitecVision is to bid for Exxon's Central and northern North Sea interests and Union Jack and Reabold update positively on West Newton. Pharos has raised $11.7m to get going on drilling operations in Egypt and Falcon has continued success at Kyalla.

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Oil price, Genel, Sound, Pharos, Hurricane. And finally…

Oil has drifted again today, the delayed EIA inventory stats were hit by Laura, although crude built 2m barrels products drew as refinery utilisation fell with some refineries still closed. Genel announces that they may raise up to $300m to replace existing facilities, wise move from a position of strength. Sound's interim statement is short, nothing new but we know the new management are flat to the boards right now. Pharos has received permission for the full field development plan at TGT and Hurricane have taken a sharp knife to the CPR under new management..

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Oil price, UJO/Egdon, Pharos, President.

Oil stays high as Hurricane Laura approaches the Texas coastline. Union Jack and Egdon have received proceeds from Humber and Pharos has announced interims and extended prospects in Vietnam. President has much going for it in 2H 2020 with a drilling campaign and are back in talks with NOC re Paraguay.

Oil price, GMS, Pharos, Utd O&G, Trinity. And finally…

Oil continues to strengthen against most commentators expectations. A gradual rise like this is better than sudden movements although with WTI at $43.34 and Brent at $46.07 is probably enough absent substantial demand rises. GMS are worth a look as whilst they lost their vote yesterday but are in a strong position with little downside. Pharos have extended TGT and confirmed their RBL situation. United Oil & Gas have taken over the 80% interest in Jamaica that Tullow had to discard after recent financial embarrassment and Trinity Exploration comment on potential tax changes post the upcoming General Election in Trinidad.

Oil price, IOG, Premier, Reabold, Tower, BPC, President, VOG, Pharos, SDX -And finally…

It seems that despite the occasional up day like today most are down, except the shipping market which is like Christmas Day at the moment. Today i look at iog with a very decent plan for the project, Premier which like others is struggling, Reabold with cheap production in California, Tower an up to date CPR, President with prices in Argentina might be sticking, VOG with new CEO Roy Kelly, Pharos looking ok but Egypt might take the brunt and a success for SDX. And BPC who have delayed their well...

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