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VOX Markets podcast: Malcy on Premier Oil, Rockhopper Exploration, Echo Energy, Hurricane Energy, Genel Energy, SDX Energy, Igas Energy, Ophir Energy

Malcy talks about the following stocks: Premier Oil #PMO, Rockhopper Exploration #RKH, Echo Energy #ECHO, Hurricane Energy #HUR, Genel Energy #GENL, SDX Energy #SDX, Igas Energy #IGAS and Ophir Energy #OPHR

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Oil price, SDX, Echo Energy, Zenith, Amerisur, Rockhopper, Ophir, Petrofac And finally…

WTI $71.49 n/c, Brent $79.30 +2c, Diff -$7.81 +2c, NG $2.86 +4c Oil price At one stage yesterday it looked like WTI would stay above $72 and Brent above $80 but the strength of the Greenback killed that one off.

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Oil price, President, Sound, Petro Matad, Touchstone, Ophir And finally…

WTI $70.70 -66c, Brent $77.12 -35c, Diff -$6.42 +31c, NG $2.81 -1c Oil price The dust is settling on the oil complex at the moment and Brent crude is down some 50 odd cents as I write. A bit more

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Oil price, Savannah Petroleum, Ophir Energy, Bahamas Petroleum, Solo Oil, And finally…

WTI $67.93 +68c, Brent $73.36 +23c, Diff -$5.43 -45c, NG $2.75 -5c Oil price A day of two halves yesterday, the EIA inventory data looked a bit grim at first glance with a crude draw of 6.2m barrels being not

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Core Finance CEO Interview: Nick Cooper of Ophir Energy

Malcolm Graham-Wood is joined by Nick Cooper, CEO of Ophir Energy.

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Ophir Energy, Premier Oil

Ophir Energy I spotted Ophirs figs from my hotel yesterday and am looking stone wrong on this one after a reasonable set of figures were hijacked again. So, reserves up (13%), funds flow from production up (46%), reduced G&A(17%), increased

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Oil price, SDX Energy, IGas, Ophir, DGO, And finally…

WTI $65.80 +$1.07, Brent $69.65 +76c, Diff -$3.85 -31c, NG $2.86 Oil price The monthly numbers for crude oil were good, WTI rose 7.1% and Brent was up by 4.35%, a decent performance under the circumstances. If there had been

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Oil price, BP, Zenith, Faroe, Gulfsands, Empyrean, Ophir, Amerisur, Links And finally…

WTI $63.73 -$1.09, Brent $69.15 -$1.11, Diff -$5.42 -2c, NG $3.13 -7c Oil price A down day after the Martin Luther King holiday, probably a bit of a technical correction, $65 and $70 seemed a little rich for the money

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Oil price, Echo Energy, Zenith Energy, Savannah Petroleum, Hunting, Ophir Energy And finally…

WTI $57.30 +26c, Brent $62.23 -8c, Diff -$5.93 -34c, NG $2.61 -7c Oil price For a benchmark crude that is facing 2/3 weeks of production down by around 450/- b/d Brent is surprisingly flat, it probably gives off warning signs

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Oil price, Ophir Energy, SDX Energy, Cabot Energy, Sound Energy And finally…

WTI $58.55 +53c, Brent $63.55 +23c, Diff -$5.00 -74c, NG $2.97 -5c Oil price The news this week on the oil price has been as much if not more than a fairly slim number of company announcements, with the Opec

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