Oil price, Touchstone, Petro Matad, Molecular Energies. And finally…

Oil was up on Friday after Opec stuck with the 2.2m b/d and Russia cut by 471/- b/d under strange circumstances. Today Touchstone have announced the amending of current facilities to now be fully funded and drilling on all fronts. Petro Matad are able to get access to Heron 1 but not much else and Molecular Energies have another announcement.

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Oil price, Touchstone, Eco, Molecular, Coro. And finally…

Oil is firm again today as the market expects Opec to maintain quotas, US inflation falls and Indian jet fuel demand rockets...Today Touchstone has released end 2023 reserves numbers which are unsurprisingly very positive. Eco Atlantic have figures and an update and Molecular Energies say Tapir x-1 is halted. Finally I look at Coro after yesterdays announcement.

Oil price, Namibia-Galp-Eco-Impact-Sintana, Trinity, Molecular.

Oil rallies after a tanker was boarded of Oman and is now heading on a different course. I look at the Galp find in Namibia with its knock-on for some companies such as Sintana, Eco Atlantic and Impact Oil. And Trinity has reported that Jacobin is very disappointing, whilst Molecular Energies have spudded in Paraguay.

Oil price, Molecular Energies.

Oil is rallying sharply today as the KSA holds its guns and keeps production down for another month. Today I write up Molecular Industries which is making a big bold move and divesting its Argentinian assets. I am not writing up Reabold today, I have a bigger piece in production which will cover everything.

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