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Oil price, BP, Faroe, Lamprell, Tullow, Ophir, Sundry- Exxon,Range,Malta, And finally…

WTI $104.35 +61c, Brent $110.54 +18c, Diff $6.19 -43c, NG $4.41 +5c Oil price A quiet few days, at least as far as the oil price is concerned. With some markets shut for Memorial Day or Whitsun yesterday there has

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Oil price, Tullow, Rockhopper/MOG, Madagascar Oil, Andes Energia and finally…

WTI $103.74 -33c, Brent $110.36 -19c, Diff $6.62 +14c, NG $4.36 -11c Oil price Its been one of those days! The blog was three parts finished and the self-saving mechanism failed and you know what happens then… I have already

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Rockhopper bid for Mediterranean Oil & GAs

Rockhopper/MOG   Rockhopper has announced a recommended offer for MOG valuing it at £29.3m or 6.5p a share in cash and RKH stock. There is also a contingent element to ensure MOG shareholders don’t lose out if the Malta well

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Oil price, Round up of non-shale news – Ithaca, MOG, Azonto, Tangiers, Faroe, Northern, Fastnet, Premier and finally…

WTI $100.59 +60c, Brent $108.41 +52c, Diff $7.82 -8c, NG $4.43 -10c Oil price Everything is a bit of a muddle in blog land at the moment, many meetings and company visits combined with a two day roadshow at the

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Oil price, Chevron/YPF/Andes Energia, Trinity, Sundry and finally…

WTI $103.40 -20c, Brent $107.46 -52c, Diff $4.06 -32c, NG $4.66 +7c Oil price After the recent modest rally crude fell yesterday and this morning have drifted a little more. Yesterday a couple of reports came out from respected industry

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Oil price, Afren, Mediterranean Oil & Gas, Sundry and finally…

WTI $100.26, +$1.07, Brent $107.03 +4c, Diff $6.77 -$1.03, NG $4.40 -1c Oil price Once again I have not much to report, WTI rose yesterday on the back of Barry in the Maison Blanc saying that he was considering tougher

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Oil price, Petrobras, Petrofac, Weir Group, A J Lucas, MOG and finally…

WTI $101.83 -99c, Brent $109.51 -$1.13, Diff $7.68 -14c, NG $5.10 -35c Oil price Its past 3pm so a very quick blog, a few one liners, I have been at company meetings and will add more tomorrow if appropriate. The

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Oil price, Chesapeake, Wood Group, MOG, Plexus, Oilsearch and finally

WTI $102.82 +62c, Brent $110.64 +79c, Diff $7.82 +17c, NG $5.45 -69c Oil price Still desperately quiet with few influences at the moment, its even warming up in the US so demand for distillates is coming back a bit. Expect

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Oil price, BG Group, BP, Shale, Faroe, MOG and Salamander

WTI $96.64 -68c, Brent $107.88 +30c, Differential $11.24 +98c, NG $5.18 +45c Oil price Not much to report on the oil price this morning, Friday saw the WTI contract fall with the panic in emerging markets and some currencies whereas

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Rosneft/CNPC, Leyshon Resources, Mediterranean Oil & Gas, and Fortune Oil

WTI $100.67 -1.62 ; Brent $110.44 +83c ; B/WTI Diff – $9.71 +1.56 ; Natural Gas $3.76 -1c Good morning The US Government finally passed the appropriate legislation to approve borrowings and extend the debt ceiling so Halloween, Thanksgiving and

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