2022 Bucket List

2022 Bucket List.

Oil price, Genel, Longboat, IGas, Gulf Keystone, IG interview. And finally…

Ahead of the Opec+ Ministerial Meeting this afternoon Brent is knocking on $80 as the 400/- b/d increase is likely to be rolled over. Genel have stopped drilling the Qara Dagh well with technical difficulties but hope to return whilst Longboat has spudded the Ginny and Hermine well. GKP has received Shaikan repayments from the KRG and the arrears are also down too and IGas have completed their RBL redetermination.

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IG Outlook 2022: UK small cap oil

The prospects remain healthy for oil stocks going into 2022. Malcy looks back and discusses the prospects for the year.

Oil price, Sound, DEC, Advance, Longboat.

Oil and markets fall again as the Omicron variant gets bad press around the world. I look at Sound who have done a great GSA deal with more to offer, and DEC who are moving ahead on the commitment to net zero. Longboat have updated their schedule and Advance are close to spudding the Buffalo-10 well.

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Oil price, Longboat, Serica, Orcadian, Lamprell, Chariot. And finally…

Oil is rallying a bit but will be down on the week, today Longboat say that they have a 'minor' discovery at Mugnetind but not stand alone commercial. Serica say that there is a small delay on Columbus oil as Shell are restricting capacity at Shearwater but it's a modest loss. Orcadian said yesterday that they have had three expressions of interest for the FPSO at Pilot which is highly encouraging and Lamprell confirm a raise of £21.9m at 32p. Finally a successful presentation last night by Chariot encourages value for the long term.

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Oil price, Zephyr, Longboat, President/Atome, Lamprell, Arrow, Zenith. And finally…

Oil motors into the news week with gains as I write of over a dollar. Today Zephyr are on target at the Paradox Basin and are expecting to test starting today, meantime Longboat have a 'material discovery' at Egyptian Vulture. President announce that subsidiary Atome with its hydrogen expertise is to be floated off to the potential benefit of President holders. Lamprell announce a medium sized contract and the Aim market welcomes Arrow Exploration which starts dealing in London today. Finally Zenith Energy announces a successful workover at ROB-1 onshore Tunisia.

Oil price, Orcadian, Longboat, Getech, UOG. And finally…

Oil remains strong and unlikely to change much under current circumstances. Orcadian has done a smart farm-out deal on the Carra prospect and this management team are worth a look at. Longboat announce that the Rødhette exploration well is a discovery but 'at the lower end of pre-drill expectations'. Getech continue to move fast and have made a meaningful signing whilst UOG update on production.

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Oil price, Savannah, San Leon, Scirocco, Longboat. And finally…

The last day over the month and quarter has seen some window dressing as November Brent expires tonight. With companies competing to be the most in the last day of the reporting season Savannah, San Leon, Scirocco get in today along with an interview with Helge Hammer of Longboat. That leaves just the 16 to fit in tomorrow...why do they do it and how many will get in, and its a Friday remember...

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