Bogota flash blog: Savannah, Serica, Deltic, Trinity, Longboat.

A flash blog today from Colombia but I take a quick look at Savannah who have extended the suspension and of course Mitch Flegg's departure at Serica. Also Deltic who have picked up licenses, Longboat who have been busy completing two deals and Trinity who announce guidance for this year.

Oil price, Scirocco, Europa, Reabold, Echo, Longboat, Jadestone.

Oil has drifted today ahead of the holiday season. Today sees Europa making a fascinating acquisition in Equatorial Guinea and Scirocco moving out of EAG. Also I interview the Co-CEO's of Reabold Resources and note minor announcements from Echo, Jadestone and Longboat.

Oil price, JOG/Serica, Longboat, UOG.

Trade is quiet as Thanksgiving Day dawns, I wish a very happy holiday to all those over the pond. Today JOG has made an excellent farm-out of the GBA to Serica which is a win/win situation if ever there was one. And Serica is very wise to be picking up a 30% stake in the asset. Longboat added to its presentation on its portfolio and UOG announced that the preferred partner in Jamaica has walked.

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Oil price, Kistos, RKH, SDX, Trinity, UOG, Petro Matad, UJO, Reabold, Longboat, Touchstone.

A big rally last night for oil as inventories tightened again. Today I look at Kistos which looks particularly attractive now that MIME is bedding in. Figures from Rockhopper show that the arbitration €260m should be getting closer and United Oil & Gas are working hard across the portfolio. SDX has a successful gas well and Trinity updates on Jacobin in the figures. Petro Matad is going to take time so don't hold your breath and finally I reprise the missing work on Reabold, Union Jack and Longboat from yesterday.

Oil price, Zephyr, UJO/ Beacon, Longboat.

Oil pauses after a 50% run up, at the WPC in Calgary Abdul Aziz lays out the 3 P plan. Zephyr note market rumours that the Dominion gas pipeline is nearly operational and be ready for their gas in due course. Union Jack announces a 3.1% stake in Beacon and hopes to work with them in Germany whilst Longboat find uncommercial gas at Velocette but there may be more to this story.

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Flash blog: Pharos, PetroTal, IOG, Longboat, SDX, Hunting, Star.

Good numbers from Pharos, PetroTal are in the dry season but guidance is unchanged, the yield is not it's 17$ plus 2 for the buy-back. IOG are working hard and in talks with bondholders and Longboat have added to the previous acquisition.SDX continue to impress with deals and Hunting were also very impressive at the Capital Markets Day. Star meantime are all-in on geothermal.

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