Oil price, Zephyr, UJO/ Beacon, Longboat.

Oil pauses after a 50% run up, at the WPC in Calgary Abdul Aziz lays out the 3 P plan. Zephyr note market rumours that the Dominion gas pipeline is nearly operational and be ready for their gas in due course. Union Jack announces a 3.1% stake in Beacon and hopes to work with them in Germany whilst Longboat find uncommercial gas at Velocette but there may be more to this story.

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Flash blog: Pharos, PetroTal, IOG, Longboat, SDX, Hunting, Star.

Good numbers from Pharos, PetroTal are in the dry season but guidance is unchanged, the yield is not it's 17$ plus 2 for the buy-back. IOG are working hard and in talks with bondholders and Longboat have added to the previous acquisition.SDX continue to impress with deals and Hunting were also very impressive at the Capital Markets Day. Star meantime are all-in on geothermal.

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Oil/Gas price, Eco (Atlantic), Petrofac, Coro, Longboat. And finally…

Oil continues to rise, right now due to a mixed inventory report which accentuated the low level of products in the system. This time gas joined the party as Aussie gas workers voted to strike. Today Eco Atlantic put Tullow out of their misery and buy up their stake in the Orinduik block in Guyana whilst Petrofac report a big backlog and bigger pipeline. Coro take less sooner in Italy to spend in the Falklands and I haven't forgotten Longboat who spudded Velocette earlier in the week.

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Oil price, PetroTal, Kistos, Arrow, Southern, Hunting, Angus, Longboat, Empyrean, Prospex, Rockhopper, IGas, Reabold. And finally…

Oil fell today as uncertainty rips through Washington about the debt ceiling. Today excellent news from Arrow and Kistos with results and Southern had good quarterlies. Hunting made a really good contract and upped guidance and Angus goes from strength to strength at Saltfleetby. Longboat announce a rig fora. well in 3Q 2024...Empyrean raise and update, Prospex is delayed in Italy because of the bad weather. Reabold and RKH have figures and IGas are in for a hospital contract. PetroTal move towards its social contract.

Oil price, IOG, Chariot, Zephyr, Arrow, SDX, Longboat, Hurricane, PTAL, EME, Angus.And finally…

Oil is weak today ahead of the Fed tomorrow. IOG talk the Blythe well, Zephyr announce good hedges and Chariot tie up with Vivo in Morocco. Arrow are in great shape and will hit targets while Longboat have JVd with Japex in Norway. SDX are partnering with Aleph on alternative energy projects, PetroTal appoint a COO and Angus update on Saltfleetby.

Flash blog:DEC, UOG, ECO, Longboat.

DEC report another excellent set of numbers and yielding 15% I expect good income and capital growth from here. United Oil & Gas is bringing onstream the better than expected ASH-8 and Eco Atlantic is starting to go forward in the Orange Basin. Longboat have results and Beacon Energy are appearing with a raise and acquisition.