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Oil price, Far, Lamprell – And finally…

The President blew the froth off the oil price yesterday finding another $300bn worth of goods to tax by 10%. The markets fell and the greenback rallied. Today I rewrite my note on Far which had a small but important typo on Wednesday, apologies and write up the Lamprell update today which is a mixed bag.

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Oil price, Rose, President, IGas, Faroe, Petro Matad, Lamprell And finally…

An up day for oil as speculators suspected some production falling ahead of the Opec+ meeting next week. Rose Petroleum do a canny deal with Encore and their database keeping exposure, enjoying Vanadium and chance to get stuck into the Paradox Basin. President spud well three in Puesto Flores and IGas spud Tinker Lane, at long last. Faroe start their defence campaign and i comment on a dry hole for Petro Matad and a good move from Lamprell.

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Oil price, SDX, Tullow, Empyrean, Lamprell, Columbus, Reabold And finally…

WTI $68.08 +2c, Brent $72.16 +32c, Diff -$4.08 +30c, NG $2.74 -2c Oil price A quiet day yesterday, with modest shortages of crude from Libya and potentially more from Venezuela offset by the EIA saying that US shale production is

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Oil price, Genel, Lamprell, Empyrean And finally…

WTI $65.07 -78c, Brent $75.08 -26c, Diff -$10.01 +52c, NG $2.90 -5c Oil price What can I say that hasn’t already been said ahead of Friday, and possibly Saturday’s Opec meeting? For the first time in a while this will

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Oil price, SDX Energy, Savannah Petroleum, Sundry-Aminex-Gulfsands-Frontera-Lamprell-And finally…

WTI $64.30 -87c, Brent $68.91 -56c, Diff -$4.61 +31c, NG $2.62 -2c Oil price After a fast and furious week, for me and the oil price, it looks like crude will end up testing important levels, WTI is close to

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VOX Markets podcast: Malcy on Range Resources, Columbus Energy Resources, Touchstone Exploration, Trinity Exploration, Rockrose Energy and Lamprell

Malcy talks about the following stocks: Range Resources #RRL, Columbus Energy Resources #CERP, Touchstone Exploration #TXP, Trinity Exploration #TRIN, Rockrose Energy #RRE and Lamprell #LAM

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Oil price, Range Resources, RockRose, Lamprell And finally…

WTI $61.19 +23c, Brent $65.12 +23c, Diff -$3.93 n/c, NG $2.68 -5c Oil price The most unreliable of the three main forecasters, the IEA started to back track on its more bearish than most demand forecasts yesterday and at this

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Oil price, Sound Energy, Sundry-Sirius Petroleum, Lamprell- And finally…

WTI $57.30 -69c, Brent $63.11 -50c, Diff -$5.81 +19c, NG $3.18 +5c Oil price Opec day today so we are in the land of guesswork, yesterdays modest fall was in response to the speech by the Saudi Oil Minister who

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Oil price, Lamprell, Plexus And finally…

WTI $50.55 -15c, Brent $56.43 +14c, Diff -$5.88 n/c, NG $2.95 -15c Oil price Oil vacillated yesterday, Brent rose as Nigerian crude outages kept demand for that crude firm whilst WTI drifted. Exxon have announced that their Baytown and Beaumont

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Oil price, Rockhopper, Lamprell, Wood Gp/AMFW, Thalassa, And finally…

WTI $47.59 -$1.23, Brent $50.73 -$1.37, Diff -$3.14 -14c, NG $2.96 -2c Oil price The bulls turned tail in a hurry yesterday afternoon, maybe it was the report from China of the refinery output falling, indicating lower crude demand, or

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