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Oil price, BP, Gulf Marine Services, TipTV and finally

WTI $98.20 +21c, Brent $107.39 -13c, Diff $9.19 -84c, NG $4.38 -11c Oil price Fairly short blog today after the madness of this week and hours of Shell yesterday, not forgetting GKP and Salamander! WTI managed to rally just a

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Oil price, Kentz, Hunting, Genel, Sundry and finally…

WTI $101.56 +11c, Brent $108.10 +34c, Diff $6.54 +23c, NG $4.66 +14c Oil price Todays blog is mostly adding to the very sparing remarks I made yesterday as a number of companies held meetings or calls, in the case of

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Oil price, Repsol, Premier, Kentz, Sundry and finally

WTI $102.59 +76c, Brent $109.52 +1c, Diff $6.93 -75c, NG $4.86 -24c Oil price Note the differential between WTI and Brent, now below 7 bucks as for various reasons WTI remains more popular and not just because of the cold

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Oil price, BG, Gulf Keystone, Kentz and Europa Oil & Gas

WTI $97.34 -31c ; Brent $109.39 -2.22 ; Differential $12.05 -1.91 ; NG $4.23 +12c  Oil Price WTI fell yesterday but not by as much as Brent thus narrowing the differential to only 12 bucks, that sell at $20 beginning

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Oil price,Cuadrilla, Kentz, GKP, Tullow, Premier, Trinity, And finally…

WTI $97.65 +27c , Brent $111.61 +63c Differential $13.96 +36c Good afternoon, the Kentz announcement this morning meant a flash blog and I went to the meeting. So this afternoon this is a real quickie as there are a  number

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  Kentz Corp Kentz has announced the acquisition of Valerus Field Solutions for $435m in cash to be financed by a new $400m facility from a blue chip group of banks at Libor +2 1/4%. At first glance this looks

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Kentz and Caza

Good morning Flying off to the Oil Council World Assembly day two, day one a storming success, much more later. Kentz Corp Company has announced a very good contract worth $190m from Qatar Petroleum who are a long-term highly supportive

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Oil Council World Assembly time, Exxon Mobil, Petrofac and Kentz

Oil Council and Women's Oil Council

WTI $93.67 -9c ; Brent $108.63 +6c; B/WTI Diff – $14.96 +55c ; Natural Gas $3.65+4c Good morning The week will be dominated by the World Oil & Gas Assembly hosted by the Oil Council and its Chief Executive Ross

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Shell, BP, Kentz, Northern Petroleum, and Altima Resources

WTI $102.20 -67c ; Brent $109.27 -12c; B/WTI Diff – $7.07 +52c; Natural Gas $3.55 -4c Good morning As the US Government shuts down a number of key agencies shut their doors and lay off their staff. In oil its

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China, Energy markets/Miliband, Kentz, San Leon, Tower Resources, Lansdowne, Amec, and SOCO

WTI $103.41 -1.26  ; Brent $108.50 -1.69  ; B/WTI Diff – $5.09 -30c  ; Natural Gas $3.60 -9c Good morning So the day out at the UN for ‘les deux Presidents’ went well as both leaders offered olive branches of

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