The Bucket List 2021

The 2021 Bucket List.

Oil price, JOG, Chariot, PetroTal, BPC. And finally…

Oil remains steady after a small up week, today it has drifted a bit. JOG has announced further good news from the GBA with much excitement next year whilst Chariot has negotiated key terms for a new licence in Morocco with ONHYM. PetroTal has announced that Gran Tierra has sold most of its holding to Remus Horizons and BPC has added further funding ahead of the P#1 well.

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Oil price, JOG, Genel, Union Jack,Egdon, President. And finally…

A good week for oil has quietened down, may due to todays Thanksgiving Holiday. Today JOG announce the acquisition of the final piece of the GBA jigsaw, Genel have first oil from Sarta and President have another discovery in Argentina. Egdon announce a small delay to Wressle but first oil should be in January and they have borrowed £1m from Union Jack who also announce some directors buying.

Oil price, JOG, Providence/Lansdowne, Trinity. And finally…

Back down again today as world markets dive on the increased virus numbers. I link to the JOG story of Buchan video which is very much worth watching, meanwhile I follow up on a meeting with Alan Linn, CEO of Providence Resources. Finally I cover the Trinity update where they continue to produce well from existing well stock.

Jersey Oil & Gas, Chariot Oil & Gas.

Oil had a modest rally yesterday following equities up and after the dollar weakened. Tonight's US Presidential debate, at 0200 hrs UK time will be critical for markets. JOG has been very busy during the spring and summer and looks to be in a very good place with the Exciting GBA hub having moved a long way forward in all areas. At Chariot much has changed as well, the size and quality of the Lixus improves all the time and Anchois looking like a high quality play with many people very interested in partnering.

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Oil price, JOG, Echo, President, SDX

Oil prices remain modestly strong ahead of today's EIA stats, the API equivalent last night were better than expected.Echo follows President by only barely commenting on the Argentine windfall, wise at this stage i should think. Jersey Oil & Gas look set very fair as they announce the completion of the acquisition from Equinor of the Verbier. SDX also report a good set of 1Q numbers in both Egypt and Morocco.

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Oil price, JOG, Aminex, GMS, Getech

Another big up day for oil as big economies start to get back to work across the world thus boosting demand numbers. At the same time word from Saudi Arabia to those who listen is that right now the spigots are set to 6m b/d. I look at a great statement from JOG where the excitement of the lead in the development of the GBA is obvious and the future looks bright. Also Aminex take another step towards the formal farm-out with the completion of a loan from ARA to pay the CGT bill to the TRA. A quick word on Gulf Marine Services, not solutions, apologies where Seafox announce a purchase of shares at 10p, putting a ceiling of 10p or 9c on the potential bid as they commit to no increase in the terms. Finally, a little late I am look at the Getech announcement of last week, they appear to be handling the virus and the oil price pretty well.

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