Oil price, Genel, Touchstone, Reabold, Jadestone, UOG, Echo.

Oil is up about a dollar on the Opec report. Today Genel announce 3Q and 9 month update with the hope that the Iraqi-Turkish pipeline will re-open imminently. Touchstone also report for the period and with Cascadura flowing the numbers are starting to look exciting.Reabold have had an invalid requisition presented but will reply when a valid one returns. Jadestone have increased their stake in CWLH which looks like a pretty good deal to me. And UOG are losing their CFO and Echo have appointed Stephen Birrell as their new CEO.

Oil price, Wentworth, PetroTal, Beacon, Jadestone. And finally…

Oil was down again last week on economic news but is about 75 cents up today. Wentworth are in a dilemma as TPDC are still trying to interrupt the M&P bid whilst PetroTal is coming out of the seasonally tricky dry season. With Beacon having a great uplift in reserves and Jadestone update as well.

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Oil price, Touchstone, Hunting, Coro, Ithaca, Jadestone, Deltic, UOG.

Oil is drifting as economies from Europe to China remain sluggish. Today I look at Touchstone who are near to Cascadura and Hunting who are in very good nick indeed. Also Coro have done a smart corporate deal. From yesterday I relook at Ithaca which yields 22% and Jadestone who I think are out of the trees at Montara. Also I spoke to Deltic CEO Graham Swindells and his company is in a very strong position indeed. Finally Jonathan Leather is moving on from UOG.

Oil price, Touchstone, IOG, Beacon, Jadestone. And finally…

Oil remains on a run ahead of Friday's Opec meeting where I expect both Russia and the KSA to maintain their production cuts. Today IOG say that the Bondholders are helping with their support and hope to tie something up soon. Touchstone are just a few checks away from gas at Cascadura and Beacon are drilling a sidetrack at SCHB-2 after the fishing expedition wasn't entirely successful. Jadestone has run into more trouble at Montara where another leak has been discovered.

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Oil price, Pharos, Jadestone, Trinity. And finally…

Drift yesterday in oil as China stays front and centre. Today Pharos has an exceptional trading statement which includes a tasty report from ERCE in Vietnam. Jadestone also update but they have to go and deliver the goods now, the time for chatter is over. And an update from Trinity but with no production growth Jacobin needs to come in as Buenos Ayres is a long way away.