2022 Bucket List

2022 Bucket List.

IG Outlook 2022: UK small cap oil

The prospects remain healthy for oil stocks going into 2022. Malcy looks back and discusses the prospects for the year.

Oil price, Wentworth, PetroTal, UJO/Egdon, Petrofac, Hunting, Jadestone, Orcadian. And finally…

Oil is Omicron trading, yesterday the Fed didnt change rates nor did the ECB today but the UK added a quarter of a point. A fabulous update from Wentworth with all parts buzzing, PetroTal also lit up the market with its 20/- b/d becoming reality and UJO gave an exciting review of Wressle. Petrofac and Hunting held up the star of the oilfield services sector with upbeat statements and Jadestone and Orcadian were as positive as usual.

Oil price, PetroTal, UOG, Jadestone, President, Block, Pharos, . And finally…

Oil rallied and then some after the US invoked sales from the SPR handing advantage to Opec+ ahead of the Dec2 meeting. PetroTal has some local difficulties in Peru and UOG have an extension in Jamaica. Jadestone take another 10% of Lemang and President announce a bond issue. Block has announced that gas sales from well KRT-39, located in Block XIB, have commenced and I interview Ed Story, President and CEO of Pharos Energy.

Oil price, Jadestone, Coro, Afentra. And finally…

Oil rallied yesterday, partly due to reasons expressed here but also due to an unexpected outage in Libya. Jadestone has interims today and whilst have had some operational and political problems I'm confident that they will deliver the goods. Coro is under new management with deals changing its nature. Afentra's future is in front of it as they say but I'm confident Paul McDade is in a strong position.

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Oil price, Zephyr , Jadestone. And finally…

Oil has recovered after yesterdays fall as the most influences are pushing upwards. More incredibly good news from Zephyr who are rewriting the business school books about how to build an oil company. Jadestone has yet again delayed Maari, it appears that the N Z Government are behind the delay and Prospex seem to have made some simple mistake on their sums.

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Oil price, Helium One. Catch up DEC, Scirocco, SDX, Jadestone. And finally…

The oil price continues to fall with markets as the Fed starts to mention the end of the Taper. Today I look at Helium One who have commenced drilling at Tai-2 in Tanzania and also look at some announcements that have happened whilst I was away earlier this week. DEC completed the Tanos acquisition, I'm sure the next deal isn't far away and Scirocco has a clearer line of sight to selling its Ruvuma stake whilst also having a shout with HE1. SDX had a dry hole at South Disouq but CEO Mark Reid remains positive about the area and over at Jadestone they have updated on guidance and updated on operations.

Oil price, Angus, Jadestone, UOG. And finally…

Last week oil continued its upwards progress by a bit more than a dollar even after the Brent September contract expired at the weekend. Angus has put out a comprehensive operations update which makes the progress achieved by the management this year very solid indeed. Jadestone has completed its Peninsular Malaysia assets of Sapura and UOG has had a success at its AJ-8 development well in Egypt.

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