Oil price, IOG, Hunting, Getech.

Oil has eased today as Hurricane Laura, despite causing serious damage is already being downgraded in strength. I look at the IOG interims but more importantly a really good presentation on Phase 1 of the gas project in the SNS. Hunting figures were in-line with management expectations and actually a very creditable performance. Despite the international scenario it is already well placed to bounce. Getech also did well with sales, good order book and cash conversion as well as of course cost cutting.

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Oil price, San Leon, IOG, Sound Energy, UJO/Egdon. And finally…

Oil remains range-bound which is no bad thing right now. San Leon has announced a cracker of a deal which has triple benefits and shareholders should like. IOG update again, this time on the award of the Phase 1 platform contract to HSM Offshore. Sound topped up their recent raise with £725,000 from the broker option. Union Jack Oil announce that Egdon have updated at Wressle and that the UJO acquisition of a further 12.5% of PEDL 180 and 182 has been approved by the OGA.

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Oil price, Savannah, IOG, Predator. And finally…

Oil fell yesterday after further concerns about the US economy, it's still driving though but Opec+ should be careful about opening the spigots. Savannah Energy has released 2019 Finals, 1H update and FY outlook so plenty to take in. Also IOG has given a very detailed operational update and also looks in very good shape ahead of first gas.

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Oil price, Predator, Columbus, iog, Petrofac, PetroTal, Trinity And finally..

Oil put in a shift last month, WTI up 88% and Brent up 40% although its still down 40% odd ytd. Today we look at Predator, building a strong position in Trinidad, Columbus working with them and with ongoing in the SW Peninsula. IOG have awarded the well management contract to Petrofac who add to the Iraq contract last week. At PetroTal it looks like the Bretana pipeline will reopen next month and that means that they can get a facility to sort out the bill from when the oil price fell and left them exposed. Finally Trinity get a VAT Bond from the Government to maintain financial strength.

Oil price, Ascent, PetroTal, Genel, iog, Premier, GMS

The oil price, even with the VE holiday tomorrow will likely end up on the week, lock-down is slowly disappearing. Ascent resources has completed its recently announced fund-raise, PetroTal have shut-in production from the Bretana field after the pipeline to market created a potential refinancing. Genel announce production from Tawke and that the gas project is completed and testing. iog are moving fast on the Core Project, today they hire Subsea 7 for Phase 1 works. Premier find that their pain in the butt is appealing the Edinburgh Court ruling pushing back the equity raise. Finally GMS reject the final 10p bid from Seafox as 'fundamentally undervaluing the company.

Oil price, Savannah, Genel, iog, IGas,

The end of a month like no other, a learning curve for ETF's certainly. Today I look at news from Savannah, from Nigeria and Niger which shows just how well Andrew Knott is doing. For Genel Bina Bawi is still on the table, probably separated into Jurassic oil and Triassic gas. Over at iog it really is red letter day as the OGA approves their Core Project Phase 1 FDP, a major milestone indeed. IGas have got the flexibility to shut-in production and they have decided to stop for May and June which actually boosts cash flow when offset against hedging.

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Oil price, RockRose, iog, Block, Falcon

Oil staged a modest rally, given back this morning, as the US Senate passes the Stimulus Bill whilst Secretary Pompeo talks to MbS about global energy security. I look at RockRose who have not put results out but instead a bullish operations update, also iog who have actually announced results today. Block look like they have done a cracking deal in Georgia with the fleeing Schlumberger. Finally Falcon succumb to COVID-19 as drilling stops at Kyalla.

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