Oil price, President, IGas, Savannah Energy. And finally…

Oil fell on Friday and is at least a buck down today as markets all lose way in the face of further increases in COVID numbers. President provide very creditable interims along with a successful drilling result today and IGas are throwing the dice again, this time with Hydrogen in a HOT with BayoTech. Finally I review Savannahs interims as I took time out to interview CEO Andrew Knott with a link here.

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Oil price, IGas, President, Coro, Longboat, Africa Energy, Falcon. And finally…

Oil has rallied today after a bad day yesterday when virus worries hit markets very hard. Today there is some modest relief but don't hold your breath. IGas interims show that good management counts, President continue to succeed in workovers and the drilling programme is underway. Coro figures are irrelevant but the increase in resources at Mako is substantial whilst Longboat are patiently stalking their targets. Africa Energy raise more than expected for drilling with Total in South Africa and Falcon update the market from the Beetaloo.

Oil price, IGas, Premier, Block.

Oil has rallied for two days now despite mixed messages from the market. In company news IGas is making an interesting move into geothermal heat by taking over GT Energy for shares. Premier are now being forced to speak to other market players which is all they need at the moment. Finally another TR-1 from Block Energy makes one think that the pantomime season isn't far away...He's behind you........

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Oil price, IGas, Lamprell. And finally…

Oil has drifted a touch after slightly disappointing inventory stats showed a build in crude. Gasoline continued to draw though although recent virus numbers will have dented demand. Today IGas continue to deliver the goods for shareholders, again they have acted well in difficult circumstances by bringing on waterflood at Scampton and is expected soon at Welton. Lamprell announced yesterday a good operational update and I would think that we may be at the beginning of a cyclical upturn for them.

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Oil price, Far, San Leon, IGas. And finally…

Oil and markets fall on the IMF downing GDP forecasts and a rise in COVID-19 cases. Inventory stats showed a modest build in crude but again a solid draw in gasoline stocks and demand. Far Gambia has signed up a JOA in respect of Blocks A2 and A5 with Petronas and is in process of a farm-out for part of its own stake.San Leon have figures and the amount that this company pays out is making it, in my view a very credible investment especially for retail investors. IGas has continued to carefully monitor its resources and is also cutting costs from a position of strength.

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Oil price, Premier, IGas, Getech And finally…

Oil has rallied again today on the news about tomorrow's Opec and Opec+ meetings, as I write WTI is $38.27 and Brent is $41.20. I look at Premier Oil who are getting a reduction from BP in the price of the NS assets but have had to cut a deal with ARCM in the process. There is also an AGM statement from IGas which shows the strength of the company finances and its management and also we have 2019 results from Getech.

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Oil price, Savannah, Genel, iog, IGas,

The end of a month like no other, a learning curve for ETF's certainly. Today I look at news from Savannah, from Nigeria and Niger which shows just how well Andrew Knott is doing. For Genel Bina Bawi is still on the table, probably separated into Jurassic oil and Triassic gas. Over at iog it really is red letter day as the OGA approves their Core Project Phase 1 FDP, a major milestone indeed. IGas have got the flexibility to shut-in production and they have decided to stop for May and June which actually boosts cash flow when offset against hedging.

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