Oil price, DEC, CEG, Southern, Afentra, Hunting. And finally…

Oil has bounced today but is still in the recessionary doldrums. Today I look at DEC who have won a prestigious ESG award and Challenger who have repaid the bridge loan and are now debt free.Also I look at Southern Energy who have completed their recent raise and Afentra where NED Gavin Wilson has bought shares in the market. Finally I add an independent piece of research on Hunting.

Oil price, Sound, Chariot, Genel, Hunting, Challenger, Recon Africa. And finally…

Oil has rallied sharply today after a couple of down days this week. I report back from the Morocco Oil & Gas Summit in Marrakesh where a number of UK companies were represented. These include Chariot, Sound and Genel and there were many other companies in attendance, I took the opportunity to meet with ReconAfrica for the first time. Today I also look at announcements from Hunting and Challenger Energy Group.

Flash blog: Pharos, PetroTal, IOG, Longboat, SDX, Hunting, Star.

Good numbers from Pharos, PetroTal are in the dry season but guidance is unchanged, the yield is not it's 17$ plus 2 for the buy-back. IOG are working hard and in talks with bondholders and Longboat have added to the previous acquisition.SDX continue to impress with deals and Hunting were also very impressive at the Capital Markets Day. Star meantime are all-in on geothermal.

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Oil price, Touchstone, Hunting, Coro, Ithaca, Jadestone, Deltic, UOG.

Oil is drifting as economies from Europe to China remain sluggish. Today I look at Touchstone who are near to Cascadura and Hunting who are in very good nick indeed. Also Coro have done a smart corporate deal. From yesterday I relook at Ithaca which yields 22% and Jadestone who I think are out of the trees at Montara. Also I spoke to Deltic CEO Graham Swindells and his company is in a very strong position indeed. Finally Jonathan Leather is moving on from UOG.

Oil price, Hunting, Rockhopper, Predator, Trinity, Gran Tierra.

Oil remains firm despite some data headwinds. Hunting has announced collaboration with CRA Tubulars which is normally worth watching and Predator have released more information from MOU-4. Rockhopper have some good news with regard to its arbitration and Trinity has said that the Jacobin well has sidetracked but encountered the zones they are looking for. Finally Gran Tierra updated with good, increasing current production numbers.

Oil price, Touchstone, PetroTal, Angus, Hunting, Petro Matad, Prospex. And finally…

Oil is down today after a small bounce while markets adjusted for 4th July. Today I look at Touchstone which has good news on the way from Cascadura and I PetroTal announce record production in Q2. Hunting have also blown the lights out with numbers looking materially ahead of expectations and Petro Matad have finally received approval for block XX. Finally Prospex should be congratulated for first gas at the Selva field.

Oil price, PetroTal, Kistos, Arrow, Southern, Hunting, Angus, Longboat, Empyrean, Prospex, Rockhopper, IGas, Reabold. And finally…

Oil fell today as uncertainty rips through Washington about the debt ceiling. Today excellent news from Arrow and Kistos with results and Southern had good quarterlies. Hunting made a really good contract and upped guidance and Angus goes from strength to strength at Saltfleetby. Longboat announce a rig fora. well in 3Q 2024...Empyrean raise and update, Prospex is delayed in Italy because of the bad weather. Reabold and RKH have figures and IGas are in for a hospital contract. PetroTal move towards its social contract.