Oil price, Challenger, Hunting, Hurricane, President. And finally…

A sharp fall for oil yesterday as the IMF brought down its growth forecasts and increased its inflation numbers, the only good thing is that, like the IEA they are always wrong. Challenger continues its restructuring with decent gains in production while Hunting is unsurprisingly busy on all fronts. At Hurricane the monthly operating stats remain positive and President has a lengthy update with good realisations and closer to a big exploration well.

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Oil price, Eco Atlantic, Hunting, UOG.

Brent is up another 3 bucks to $116 this morning after continued bombing in the Ukraine and limited signs of supply. Worth noting that UKNG is 465p this morning, good news for gas producers and why we should be encouraging more of. Eco Atlantic has hired a rig for Gazania-1 in South Africa, Hunting is loking very solid and UOG have a mixed bag of M&A news.

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Oil price, Savannah, IOG, Advance, Hunting. And finally…

Oil is very quiet at the moment and Brent expiry is putting a dampener on things. Plenty from Savannah who have completed the raise and have published its Admission Document following the Exxon Mobil and Petronas deals. IOG has spudded the Southwark well, Hunting has tidied up its North Sea stuff and Advance updates from the Buffalo project.

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Oil price, DEC, Chariot, Predator, Hunting. And finally…

Oil is taking a breather primarily due to inventory numbers but also that worries from Russia that Covid is back. Also Putin has suggested again that gas flow may be increased to the west, prices are down in Europe but up in the US. DEC have updated on trading, Chariot have signed up an MOU on gas sales at Anchois and Predator have interims out today. Finally, Hunting have a 3rd quarter trading update today.

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Oil price, PetroTal, IOG, Helium One, Hunting, Echo. And finally…

Oil has rallied again and should end up on the week after the malarkey of recent falls. Today is the virtual Jackson Hole symposium where the taper will be discussed. Tropical storm IDA might become a Cat 3 hurricane as it skirts Mexico and China is boosting the economy. Good solid results from PetroTal, a very good long term outlook, IOG are getting closer to first gas just when prices are at their highs and Helium One drills a duster and cancels well three in this programme. Finally a solid recovery from Hunting as one would expect and a good update from Echo who are increasing liquids production.

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Oil price, Challenger, Genel, San Leon, Hunting, Lamprell, GKP, SDX. And finally…

Oil is quiet ahead of the period end, Opec+ and Independence Day. Challenger update on trading and corporate while Genel announce receipts from KRI oil sales. San Leon cover everything in their finals and Hunting update on trading. Lamprell seem ok then announce they are short of dosh while SDX cover Morocco and Egypt. GKP also announce KRG payments.

Oil price, Hunting, Echo, Far, Trinity, Cairn, Petrofac, UOG. And finally…

Oil remains steady after a positive set of inventory stats yesterday. Today the first major winter storms have hit the North East of the US with three feet of snow in places. I have upgraded my 2021 oil price forecasts in line with the bucket list yesterday, I'm now at $55. Hunting have a trading update today, everything is in line with expectations. Cairn has announced a 32p special divvi and Echo have secured a new contract in Argentina. Far has received a potential 2.1c bid from Remus who appeared on the Petrotal shareholder list this week. Trinity has signed an MOU with the Trinidad & Tobago NGC and I report on yesterday's PFC statement. Finally I interviewed Brian Durrant of Unite Oil & Gas yesterday.

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