Oil price, UJO/Egdon/Europa, Hunting, President, Prospex. And finally…

Oil rallies over 8% in the last two days, always likely as it was oversold after the recent fall. Excellent news today for the Wressle partners, Egdon, Union Jack and Europa as they release test data that shows flow of 500+ b/d. An interesting strategic investment by Hunting today and President releases results from last year. Finally, Prospex have received a valid call for a GM to remove the board.

Oil price, Wentworth, Kistos, President, Hunting. And finally…

Oil has weakened a bit as India in particular is reporting much worse virus numbers on a daily basis. Wentworth has reported excellent finals and a 27% hike in the divvi. Kistos was priced at 155p but that looks way too cheap to me as a few blue chip instos climbed aboard in the raise. President have more good news on the operational front and Hunting remains best in class as proven in the year since negative WTI prices.

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Oil price, Hunting, Tower, Remus. And finally…

Oil as the Opec+ meeting is i under way I can't judge but it looks as if they will err on the side of caution... Also Hunting produced creditable results and a positive note for the future with a final dividend of 4 cents a share. Tower have extended the loan facility and I am hearing that there has been a parting of the ways of some senior executives at Remus Petroleum.

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Oil price, Predator, President, Hunting. And finally…

After yesterday's fall oil has settled today but with no signs of the virus abating even the opec secretariat are cautious on demand picking up this year. Predator continue to serve up good news, today it is from Trinidad with Ministry approval on CO2 EOR. President have also announced a potentially good well result from Estancia Vieja whilst Hunting's 3Q wasn't as bad as I expected.

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Oil price, IOG, Hunting, Getech.

Oil has eased today as Hurricane Laura, despite causing serious damage is already being downgraded in strength. I look at the IOG interims but more importantly a really good presentation on Phase 1 of the gas project in the SNS. Hunting figures were in-line with management expectations and actually a very creditable performance. Despite the international scenario it is already well placed to bounce. Getech also did well with sales, good order book and cash conversion as well as of course cost cutting.

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Oil price, Hurricane, Echo, Hunting

Oil is all about the physical for the time being as demand falls and Opec+ cuts are yet to kick in. Today Hurricane have an update, all going well at Lancaster the EPS. Echo Energy has moved fast in cutting costs and pretty successfully as well. Hunting's 1Q was good but off the cliff since then I imagine but 2020 guidance has unsurprisingly been withdrawn. Finally I pay tribute to Bob Catto who died recently.

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Oil price,BP/Shell, Angus, Hunting

Oil bounces big time, both yesterday and today as President Trump talks to MbS who possibly along with Putin may cut 10-15m b/d, Opec+ announce a virtual meeting on Monday morning, but will Putin dial-in, Zoom or MS Teams it? I interviewed Angus Energy MD, George Lucan yesterday and we had an interesting chat about what is an interesting play. Finally Hunting swap their 6c final with a 3c second interim after yesterday Wood Group withdrew its announced divvi altogether.

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Oil price, Hurricane, Petrofac, Hunting – And finally…

Oil boiled over on Friday as trade tariffs started to be put on although ending just in positive territory for the week. Today Hurricane give an update on the Lancaster EPS which is producing above guidance and where the Lincoln Crestal well is at TD preparing to do DSTs. From last week i look at results and meetings from Petrofac and Hunting both of which are performing well in challenging markets.

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Oil price, President, IGas/Egdon, Premier, Serica, Hunting, Wentworth And finally…

Oil surged on strong inventory data and short closing by money managers. Stock wise, President have a very positive AGM statement, IGas have a very psoitive find at Springs Road, Premier up their numbers at Zama, Serica are positive in their AGM statement, Hunting's update is pretty good and Wentworth cut guidance which disappoints.