Oil price, President, Block, Helium One. And finally…

Oil rose sharply last week as the markets went to risk-on after the vaccine news and potentially more positive news from Opec+ and maybe even Brexit...Block announce operational progress in Georgia and more success at new exploration well EVN-x1 is announced by President  this morning. Helium One confirms stories about a £6m raise and amalgamation with Attis Oil & Gas Limited and Proposed Admission to AIM.

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Oil price, Attis/Helium One,Scirocco, Deltic. And finally…

Oil has now gained nearly $3.50 on the week, the election result has taken risk off and whatever result occurs it looks like extreme policies are off limits. Helium One have solved their unquoted problem and will merge with tiny Attis and raise £5m, Scirocco comment on the process. And Deltic say that Shell remain committed to Pensacola and despite an extension still plan to drill 4Q 2021.

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