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WTI $50.63 -97c, Brent $51.38 -$1.29, Diff -75c -32c, NG $3.14 -3c Oil price It was the dollar what did it, greenback strength prevailed and kept a lid on the oil price that just couldnt break the shackles and make

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WTI $44.65 -59c, Brent $46.66 -30c, Diff -$2.01 +29c, NG $2.73 +1c Oil price WTI expires at the close tonight so there maybe unusual movements and the Brent differential usually widens then narrows with the new contract. Weakness yesterday was put

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WTI $42.64 -$1.09, Brent $44.48 -63c, Diff $1.84 +46c, NG $2.06 -8c Oil price Blogs later this week may be a bit patchy I’m afraid with company meetings in and away from the UK. The WTI price took the brunt

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WTI $37.75 +$1.86, Brent $39.84 +$1.97, Diff $2.09 +11c, NG $1.91 -4c Oil price Two up days in a row and the bulls have it, especially after a pretty good set of inventory stats, for crude that is… The EIA

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WTI $32.19 +$2.66, Brent $32.18 +$2.93, Diff +1c -27c, NG $2.14 n/c Oil price The rise on Friday of 10% appears to have energised oil market punters so much so that on a dog walk yesterday I was advised by

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WTI $30.44 -97c, Brent $30.86 -69c, Diff -42c +28c, NG $2.26 -14c Oil price Yesterday saw WTI visit $29.93 in intra-day trading and crude certainly ended down on the day, again. As usual there were mixed messages humming around the oil

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WTI $37.35 +$1.04, Brent $38.45 +53c, Diff $1.10 +9c, NG $1.82 -7c Oil price So, this afternoon the Fed will announce, arise US interest rates and likely signal further strength in the greenback, not the best news for dollar traded

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WTI 45.20 -$1.12, Brent $47.98 -60c, Diff $2.78 +52c, NG $2.36 +10c Oil price With the continued strong dollar and only signs of further build up in stock levels the pressure is firmly downwards at the moment. Strikes in Brazil

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WTI $47.26 +88c, Brent $50.46 +73c, Diff $3.20 +87c, NG $2.43 -2c Oil price Although company news is at a bit of a premium at the moment there is much going on with regard to the oil price, last week

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WTI $50.51 -74c, Brent $56.65 -45c, Diff $6.50 -33c, NG $2.82 -5c Oil price More drift yesterday as the strong dollar and weakness in the product market left the oil price under modest pressure, the UN Security council and the

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