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Interactive Investor interview: Could Gulf Keystone shine in 2016

Gulf Keystone and Genel have their problems, but Malcolm Graham-Wood believes there is reason to positive. The industry expert also provides a valuable checklist for investors buying oil shares.

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Will Gulf Keystone be taken over?

Production in Kurdistan means Gulf Keystone and Genel offer serious attractions. Oil industry specialist Malcolm Graham-Wood tells Interactive Investor what they’re worth.

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IG Interview: Sound Oil, Gulf Keystone and others well placed for when oil prices recover

Malcolm Graham-Wood says the oil price has not yet hit its low point for the year. He looks at some of the stocks that are well placed for when the price of oil does come back.

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Interactive Investor interview on Gulf Keystone, Xcite Energy and Ithaca Energy

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Oil price, Halliburton, Chariot, Sundry and finally…

WTI $104.59 +$1.46, Brent $107.68 +44c, Diff $3.09 -$1.02, NG $3.85 -10c Oil price Oil prices were resilient yesterday but WTI got the better of Brent and you can see that the differential is down to just over three bucks.

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Oil price, Sundry bits and pieces- Genel-Circle Oil-Sound Oil-Range Resources- Glencore, And finally…

  WTI $106.36 -54c, Brent $113.45 +51c, Diff $7.09 +77c, NG $4.71 n/c Oil price Still plenty of room for upside as the latest IEA report casts doubts on Iraq’s chances to increase production with or without the current problems.

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Oil price, Wood Report, BP, Gulf Keystone, Essar Energy, President, Fastnet and finally…

WTI $102.20 -55c, Brent $109.85 -45c, Diff $7.65 +27c, NG $6.14 +7c Oil price A little bit drifty on Friday after a number of late lectures at IP Week took their toll, not to mention the Vigo dinner…This morning oil

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Oil price, Egdon Resources and Malcy’s current faves,

 WTI $100.06 +18c, Brent $108.63 -94c, Diff $8.57 -$1.12, NG $4.58 -20c Oil price The differential has narrowed to below $9 as WTI has continued to be boosted by increased demand in the cold weather. When the natural gas prices

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Oil price, Fraccing, BP, Kurdistan, Caza, And finally…

WTI $97.19 +76c, Brent $105.78 -26c, Differential $8.59 -$1.06, NG $5.38 +47c Oil price So, where do we start? There are a whole lot of factors influencing the oil price at the moment none of which make up a big

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Oil price, American Energy Partners, BG, Gulf Keystone, Bowleven, Discover Exploration and Europa Oil & Gas

WTI $96.60 -90c, Brent $108.83 +16c, Differential $12.23 +1.06, NG $4.35 -6c  Oil Price Fairly quiet ahead of the FOMC meeting tomorrow, unsurprisingly the Libyan rebels didn’t hand over the 3 oil ports as the Government had expected over the

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