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Today’s blog covers an interesting trip to Kurdistan where a good number of investors and analysts saw at close range the oil and gas facilities on the ground. At Genel there is a balanced current portfolio which already provides huge cash flows that not only fund the capex programme but a sizeable dividend as well and profitable at around $30 oil.They have considerable upside at, in the first instance Sarta which the company work with Chevron and where the upside includes the biggest potential field in country. In addition they have the possibility of everything coming together at Bina Bawi plus exploration at Qara Dagh to give substantial cash flow for capex and a generous dividend. Over at Gulf Keystone they have one massive field in Shaikan where they feel that exponential growth is not just possible but deliverable, 38/- b/d could become 55/- b/d, 75/- b/d and then 100/- b/d within 5 years which certainly pays for itself as well as buy-backs and dividends. Both companies are exceptional opportunities and offer returns rarely seen elsewhere in the market.

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Oil prices continue to rise as new Minister ABS prepares to try and keep the oil market tight. Results today from Trinity are excellent with much more to come and they show a clean set of heels to the peer group. Solo has sold its Burj investment, important as it concentrates on building the business in higher growth markets. GKP results were good but saw a lower production figure which has led to a fall in guidance, never good but mainly due to increased investment in the plan to go to 55/- b/d at Shaikan and still has a large capex and dividend + share buy-back. Cairn figures very much in line with excellent operational featuring Catcher…

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Oil is quiet and after a modest fall last week traders are uncertain which way to go, with production cuts or GDP cuts? Predator has announced that Ram Head, its Celtic Sea gas discovery will now look more interesting after the Irish govt decided not to proceed with the Climate Emergency Bill. VOG updated by just a few days and are also getting paid, GKP are buying shares back and SDX are sort-of on time with South Disouq…

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July 4th meant very little trade, WTI was shut and Brent drifted. Today I’m talking about Eco Atlantic who have spudded offshore Guyana, Gulf Keystone who have paid a divvi today, IGas who announced further conventional activity yesterday and a report on a meeting with Petro Matad CEO Mike Buck.

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Oil prices are up again today and that makes a substantial gain in the last week or so as the Gulf flares up and tensions rise. GDP worries are allayed as the US Fed indicate that rates will fall, maybe as soon as July. Pantheon call in a geophysicist to help with work in Alaska and to partner on the farm-out and I cover the Gulf Keystone AGM statement from Friday.

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Today Malcy talks about the following stocks: Chariot Oil & Gas (CHAR), Jersey Oil & Gas (JOG), Amerisur Resources (AMER), Hurricane Energy (HUR), Block Energy (BLOE), Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC), Gulf Keystone Petroleum (GKP) and Genel Energy (GENL).

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Oil stays strong in the new quarter which most agencies say will be tighter than the last in which oil rose by over 30%. Block Energy has a great result in Georgia as does Reabold at Monroe Swell. Anglo African have recovered 43° API Djeno oil to the surface at TLP-103c which must help confidence for flowing in due course and I comment on a meeting with the Solo Oil management and the GKP Capital Markets event.

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WTI $65.51 +$2.09, Brent $71.04 +$2.39, Diff -$5.53 +30c, NG $2.66 -4c Oil price Oil prices are up over 5% in the last two days for a number of differing reasons. As I noted yesterday there appears to be some …

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WTI $49.48 -43c, Brent $55.14 -34c, Diff -$5.66 +9c, NG $3.12 -2c Oil price It was a mixed old day yesterday, early on prices rallied and my trading spies thought that they might be off to the races again. This …

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WTI $48.82 +23c, Brent $52.10 +20c, Diff -$3.28 -3c, NG $2.98 n/c Oil price The oil price ended down on the week but not by much, WTI lost 76c and Brent 32c as various influences waxed and waned, today prices …

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