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Oil price, BG Group, Cape, Sundry-Round up-Global-US results due-Primeline-III interviews-And finally…

WTI $46.06 +12c, Brent $48.80 -25c, Diff $2.74 -37c, NG $2.26 -4c Oil price It looks like oil will have an up week unless something goes terribly wrong, yesterday was listless with US GDP and new homes data being described

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Oil price, BP, Trap/Jersey, Global Petroleum, Sundry-Pantheon-Gulf Keystone- And finally…

WTI $47.39 -75c, Brent $53.47 -$1.15, Diff $6.08 -40c, NG $2.79 +1c Oil price If it wasnt already an element in the oil price then volatility in Chinese markets certainly is now, with commodity bears reading badly into recent data

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France, BP, Sound Oil, Global Petroleum, and Barclays

WTI $105.84 -48c, Brent $108.53 -12c; B/WTI Diff $2.69 +44c, Natural Gas $3.67 n/c Good morning It’s a very quiet morning, a few snippets but not much to get ones teeth into. Ben B is testifying to congress today and

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