Oil price, Serica, Sound, Angus, Getech. And finally…

The oil price fell after recessionary worries hit, Serica has replied to the Kistos bid and Sound lose this round of the tax dispute in Morocco. Wentworth put this RNS out when I was at the cricket but the ARA pre-emption may be overtaken by TPDC and I wold be surprised if this was over yet. Finally Getech has another piece of good news for the market.

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Oil price, Savannah, Petrofac, President, Getech, Coro.

Oil rose as production in Libya and Ecuador fell for civil rights reasons. Still no data from the EIA and Macron thinks he has a scoop from Opec. Savannah bring more gas onstream and Petrofac have decent figures looking better in 2H 22. President results good and value still way too low and Getech sign a big contract. Finally Coro have had a good year

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Oil price, Chariot, Pharos, Hurricane, Getech. And finally…

Oil is falling due to Chinese demand, Chariot has made a good raise to develop Anchois and push on with the power business. Pharos AGM statement was good and with Vietnam kicking in later this year should be good. Getech are solidly ahead, Hurricane looks cheap as chips and could and should be taken over from here, just imagine what a wealthy parent would do with it...?

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Oil price, Sound, Far, Getech, Pharos. And finally…

After yesterdays rise oil is down around a dollar this morning falling stocks contributed to yesterdays big rally. Today I see a good set of results and very good progress from Sound and Cath Norman has stepped down as CEO at Far. Pharos have received Ministerial approval for their farm-out inn Egypt which sets them fair for Vietnam growth.

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Oil price, Orcadian, Longboat, Getech, UOG. And finally…

Oil remains strong and unlikely to change much under current circumstances. Orcadian has done a smart farm-out deal on the Carra prospect and this management team are worth a look at. Longboat announce that the Rødhette exploration well is a discovery but 'at the lower end of pre-drill expectations'. Getech continue to move fast and have made a meaningful signing whilst UOG update on production.

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