Visit to Kurdistan – Genel Energy, Gulf Keystone

Today's blog covers an interesting trip to Kurdistan where a good number of investors and analysts saw at close range the oil and gas facilities on the ground. At Genel there is a balanced current portfolio which already provides huge cash flows that not only fund the capex programme but a sizeable dividend as well and profitable at around $30 oil.They have considerable upside at, in the first instance Sarta which the company work with Chevron and where the upside includes the biggest potential field in country. In addition they have the possibility of everything coming together at Bina Bawi plus exploration at Qara Dagh to give substantial cash flow for capex and a generous dividend. Over at Gulf Keystone they have one massive field in Shaikan where they feel that exponential growth is not just possible but deliverable, 38/- b/d could become 55/- b/d, 75/- b/d and then 100/- b/d within 5 years which certainly pays for itself as well as buy-backs and dividends. Both companies are exceptional opportunities and offer returns rarely seen elsewhere in the market.

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Bucket list 6 month update.

Today is the interim Bucket List with a look at performance since February, the good the bad and the ugly and with two stocks dropping out to be replaced in the list.

Oil price, Far, Genel, IGas, Reabold, SOCO – And finally…

Oil rallied yesterday on the thoughts of a Fed rate cute and further production cuts from Libya. After the close the better than expected API stats gave a further boost to oil prices and Brent is over $65 this morning. Plenty of company updates but all going well at Far in West Africa with Senegal leading the way, Genel have updated on Tawke where all is good at there and of course Peshkabir. IGas have also updated and is going well, the Bowland shale is very much the pin-up boy. Reabold has topped up in the Corallian raise, we knew it would but the discount helped a great deal. Finally Soco are also updating today and all appears well in Vietnam and Egypt is now underway.

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Oil price, Genel, Petrofac And finally…

Oil in a lull at the moment with diplomatic solutions being exercised and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in the Gulf. Genel has announced a share buy-back which adds to their overall return now they pay a divvi and doesnt affect overall growth potential, a wise manoeuvre which should garner support. Finally Petrofac announce their pre-close update in which all is in line with provided guidance. There is some effect of the SFO naming its clients but all clients relationships remain 'excellent'.

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Oil price, Savannah Petroleum, Jadestone Energy, United Oil & Gas And finally…

A topsy turvey week for oil as US trade wars now with Mexico spook markets and inventory figures show products building. Savannah Petroleum have moved a stage closer to completing the seven Energy deal with the UERL buy-out being closed and good progress elsewhere. I catch up with the Jadestone Energy figures and they look to be progressing very well. UOG have a new CFO but with much experience and i talk to Doc Holiday about oil stocks.