Oil price, Genel, DEC, PetroTal, Echo.

Oil is flat today having stopped the rot with decent inventory stats. Genel report the situation normal, ex the pipe they are in remarkably good nick. DEC have produced another excellent quarter with good production and an excellent grip on costs. PetroTal have also delivered a fantastic quarter after yesterdays acquisition they are looking very cheap and Echo are ringing the changes.

Oil price, DEC, Genel, Afentra. And finally…

Oil has rallied after further activity in The Red Sea and inventory draws. Today DEC fight back against the short sellers, taking the fight to them. Genel are feeling very upbeat with a strong cash position and a bright future when the pipeline opens, or not. And Afentra are amongst the winners in the Bucket List with much more to come.

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Oil price, Genel, Touchstone, Reabold, Jadestone, UOG, Echo.

Oil is up about a dollar on the Opec report. Today Genel announce 3Q and 9 month update with the hope that the Iraqi-Turkish pipeline will re-open imminently. Touchstone also report for the period and with Cascadura flowing the numbers are starting to look exciting.Reabold have had an invalid requisition presented but will reply when a valid one returns. Jadestone have increased their stake in CWLH which looks like a pretty good deal to me. And UOG are losing their CFO and Echo have appointed Stephen Birrell as their new CEO.

Oil price, Sound, Chariot, Genel, Hunting, Challenger, Recon Africa. And finally…

Oil has rallied sharply today after a couple of down days this week. I report back from the Morocco Oil & Gas Summit in Marrakesh where a number of UK companies were represented. These include Chariot, Sound and Genel and there were many other companies in attendance, I took the opportunity to meet with ReconAfrica for the first time. Today I also look at announcements from Hunting and Challenger Energy Group.