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Oil price, BP, Faroe, Cabot, Empyrean, Bahamas Petroleum, i3 Energy And finally…

WTI $72.13 -11c, Brent $79.57 +35c, Diff -$7.44 +46c, NG $2.91 +10c Oil price Pick your own crude and decide if you are a bull or a bear, yesterday all choices were on offer. Brent tried to break through the

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Total Market Solutions podcast: Malcy Talks Oil & Gas With Doc

Featured: Bahamas Petroleum, Coro Energy, Eco Atlantic, Echo Energy, Faroe Petroleum, Genel Energy, Hurricane Energy, Jersey Oil & Gas, Premier Oil, Savannah Resources, SDX Energy, Trinity Exploration. Listen on the Total Market Solutions website: https://total-market-solutions.com/2018/05/11/malcy-talks-oil-gas-with-doc/

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Oil price, Sound Energy, Faroe Petroleum, SDX Energy, Bahamas Petroleum And finally…

WTI $68.19 +14c, Brent $74.74 +74c, Diff -$6.55 +60c, NG $2.82 +4c Oil price It is still all about I Ran, clearly the Donald didnt take anything his mate Emanuelle said the other night nor should we have expected him

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VOX Markets podcast: Amerisur Resources, SDX Energy, President Energy, Echo Energy, Trinity Exploration & Production, Range Resources, Faroe Petroleum and Hurricane Energy

Malcy discusses Amerisur Resources #AMER, SDX Energy #SDX, President Energy #PPC, Echo Energy #ECHO, Trinity Exploration & Production #TRIN, Range Resources #RRR, Faroe Petroleum #FPM and Hurricane Energy #HUR

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Vox Markets podcast: Malcy on Faroe Petroleum, Ithaca Energy, Amerisur Resources, Savannah Petroleum, Echo Energy, Chariot Oil & Gas and Providence Resources

Malcy talks about the following stocks: Faroe Petroleum #FPM, Ithaca Energy #IAE, Amerisur Resources #AMER, Savannah Petroleum #SAVP, Echo Energy #ECHO, Chariot Oil & Gas #CHAR and Providence Resources #PVR

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Oil price, Hurricane, Faroe, Zenith And finally…

WTI $63.42 +$1.36, Brent $68.65 +$1.54, Diff -$5.23 +18c, NG $2.69 -1c Oil price It’s a bit of a see-saw life in the oil market at the moment with traders having to be on their toes even more than usual.

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Oil price, Faroe, Ascent Resources And finally…

WTI $63.37 -14c, Brent $68.02 -10c, Diff -$4.65 +4c, NG $2.72 +2c Oil price The weakness I mentioned yesterday at the start was abruptly turned around by a good set of EIA inventory stats. The draw of 4.62m barrels was

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Oil price, Amerisur, Faroe And finally…

WTI $63.51 +50c, Brent $68.12 +48c, Diff-$4.61 -2c, NG $2.70 +2c Oil price A modest bounce yesterday with the Russian Oil Minister suggesting that they will discuss long term cooperation at the upcoming ministerial talks. Equities bounced which took commodities

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The -delayed- bucket list 2018, six new stocks in now, further review planned for June.

Malcy’s Bucket list 2018 and 2017 review, with apologies for the delay… The 2017 bucket list was an entirely different game to that of 2016, last year the oil price was at its high on bucket list day, $57 for

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Oil price, Frontera Resources And finally…

WTI $62.39 +84c, Brent $65.67 +83c, Diff -$3.48 +32c, NG $2.64 +8c Oil price IP Week started more with a whimper than a bang, what with the US shut for GW’s birthday it seemed that traders were focused more on

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