Oil price, Far, PetroTal, Touchstone – And finally…

Far has announced in the last few days a substantial conditional placement which along with senior and junior debt will fund the development of the Sangomar Oil Field. Far are now in a very strong place as the development goes ahead and of course important drilling in the rest of the portfolio. PetroTal has announced that the 5H well on the Bretaña field has come in flowing 8,250 b/d 'exceeding management expectations'. Touchstone has also come in with a real barn-burner as the Cascadura-1 well 'a significant oil discovery'.

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The bucket list update.

The updated Bucket List, widely differing performances but I remain confident about the picks in the main.

Echo Energy

Flash blog as I’m out of town but good to see the Echo announcement with regard to Tapi Aike which is still the potential jewel in the Argentine crown. As for Cairn and Far good signs of activity in Senegal and Far remains severely undervalued.

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VOX markets podcast: Malcy on Hurricane Energy, Coro Energy, Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas, Fronterra Resources, SDX Energy, Far Ltd, Sound Energy, Amerisur Resources, Bahamas Petroleum and Faroe Petroleum

Malcy talks about the following stocks: Hurricane Energy (HUR), Coro Energy (CORO), Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas (ECO), Fronterra Resources (FRR), SDX Energy (SDX), Far Ltd (FAR.au), Sound Energy (SOU), ...

Oil price, Sound, Amerisur, Echo, Eco (Atlantic), Getech, Link And finally…

I discuss an 'up' week for oil and likely more of the same. Sound Energy stamps its Morocco acreage, Amerisur spuds what might be a big well in the 'N' sands and Echo updates from Bolivia and production and revenue from Argentina. Eco (Atlantic) looks like it and Tullow have something big in Guyana after Exxon announces its 9th success next door and Getech pleases with its H1 update.

Oil price, SDX Energy, Echo Energy, Far, Faroe Petroleum And finally…

With the oil price having its strongest week for some time I try and explain why, SDX has a fine set of figures and explains how well things are going while Echo has a disappointing test but not bad when put into context. Far gets Ministry approval for its farm-out in The Gambia which is very positive and Faroe sees off DNO but for how long?

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The 2018 Interim Bucket list

Interim bucket list The bucket list has been going now for just under three years, it started when a leading Fund Manager asked me to put together a selection of ...

IG interview: Malcy’s bucket list gets a boost with six new stocks

MalcysBlog.com publishes an annual list of favoured small-cap oil stocks that includes a cross section of exploration, development and production companies that are in geographical locations that are attractive. Malcy ...

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